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This is a Garden of Friendship Werb Community Dedicated to Causes, such as Breast Cancer, Aid, Child Abuse, and more.

ForeverTears-My Safe Haven
I have attempted to include a little something for everyone. Here you will find Poetry, Proverbs, Adoptions and Awards you can apply for. There are Sweet Things that will touch your heart and even a Playground ...

The Garden of Friendship
Where Friendships bloom and Happiness Flowers

welcome to my corner of space
my site has what i hope is information about different health care issues,our parents,a little this n that..{;}

Jus Kuntree
Shacommunity things from my life. Genealogy, photos, things about my part of Kansas, recipes, greetings, Memorial pages, rambling thoughts on life, and things that are meaningful to me, and make me who ...

Cindy's Home
{;}{;}{;}I have quilts, background sets and more on my site.

Welcome to My Realm
A little bit about what I love, the groups I belong to and the causes I champion{;}

In The The Reflections of Time
A site that reaches out the hand of friendship to all. To shine a light on the hearts of the ones that pass through my doors into my world. Where animals are given a voice to spread awareness to the world. ...

The Mouse House - Causes I Support
This is a small page of causes dear to me: breast cancer research and awareness, world peace, diversity, anti-hate, AIDs awareness, etc.

One Voice Of Many
A site dedicated to awareness of domestic violence and child abuse.

~~~~~Country Delights~~~~~
Delightful mousemade Graphics for all your needs - linkware and purchaseware, for webdecoration and printing. Country Delights Tutorials - learn how to create your own mousemade graphics, PHP, Wordpress ...

A disease that my 3 year old Granddaughter was born with. It is potentially fatal as the victims gain weight to the point of gross obesity. Their bodies are told they are hungry when they are full. It ...

My Garden Home
This site has a very good cause. I suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Jan's Garden of Love
Personal site filled with lots of love, items include, lupus, fibromyalgia. Seasonal pages, Adoptions for you, and much more.

Shawn's Memorial Site
A loving and heart breaking memorial for my 24 year old son Shawn that suicided on December 8, 2001 as a result of undiagnosed depression. You will find beautiful comforting poetry and lovely music as ...

A great site focused on giving you a 'lift' and inspiration. Links to 'Women's Own', 'Christian Links', 'Children's Ministry' and more