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~ Just A Simple Mind ~ A Magical Place to come and see ~ So Come On Into My World ~ Words From Just A Simple Mind ~ Graphics ~ Quizzes ~ A friendly Site For all

My Garden Home
My Garden Home is nothing but The Garden Of Friendship group itself. I will have poems written by me being on the Poetic Expressions Committee.

Peace & Harmony,and friendship poems

Clare\'s Writers Website
It has my stories, poems, challenge results, radio/screen/theatre plays, etc. All to do with my writing

GrannyGraces House
I have a number of different subjects on my site dealing with 3 devastating diseases that have stricken my children & grandchildren. I have pages for kids, a recipe site and hopefully I will have my graphics ...

ForeverTears-My Safe Haven
I have attempted to include a little something for everyone. Here you will find Poetry, Proverbs, Adoptions and Awards you can apply for. There are Sweet Things that will touch your heart and even a Playground ...

State Of Mind
site made about mental and emotional illnesss, social anxiety disorder, manic depression, rape support and other support groups

Geoff`s World
Personal Stories, Original Artwork, Original Music and Flash

It's A Great Kife
a photo tour of \"my little corner of the world\",birds,plants,people and places.

The Mouse House
A site about cute and whimsical things, plus photography, poetry, crocheting, and a lot more!

Destinees Homepage
I have a little something for everyone.

communitys In English
Everything between heaven and earth Much information about Sweden and Swedish habits

Bear Hugs From The Lord
Christian charismatic site that shares my beliefs and love for the Lord, with a bit of humor and whimsy

Nanz World
The portal to Nanz World.

Mickey Mom's Melange
"A Down Home Experience" featucommunity crafts, pantry, poetry, prose, gardening, photos, etc...

Birgitta's Place
Angels, Native American pages, Animal rights, Photos, Graphics and more

this site was made to display and share all my contents of and with the ZGarden of Friendship

The McTenn Cyber Home
It tells about me, EMS Poems, organ donation, communitys I belong too and about EMS volunteers

Elspethe's Enchanted Garden
My website has information on spirituality, family, and wolves. Love and tolerance toward all are emphasized here.

Claudia\'s GOF Dedication pages
It\'s my Dedications page to GOF

The Garden of Friendship Cardshoppe
This is the Garden of Friendship Cardshoppe.

websets, lake applets, calling cards, adoptions and more

Forgetmenot Graphics
Website with Outlook Express Stationery, Websets, Screen Savers and Graphics

My site consists of many things .. my family .. poetry .. special pages I\'ve written. I also have a graphic section for linkware and payware

Charo's Homepages
Family orientated site with calling cards, new sparkle calling cards, free internet greeting cards, quotes, poetry, basic & advanced html, final web page check list, memberships, communitys and more to ...

Fleur de Lisa\'s Garden
A little corner of the Garden for this little GOF Blossom. A place to sit and relax and enjoy your stay.

Ann\'s Designs
My home town. PSP related pages, tutorials, tiles, dividers etc: Dollshouse showcase.

Nana\'s Corner
Patriotism, Troop Support, and Friendship!

Denise\'s World
A site about my favorite things, my family, my garden, and my pets. There is also a link to my graphics site, Daisy Point Designs

~~~~~Country Delights~~~~~
Delightful mousemade Graphics for all your needs - linkware and purchaseware, for webdecoration and printing. Country Delights Tutorials - learn how to create your own mousemade graphics, PHP, Wordpress ...

Welcome to the KatHouse
A Potpourri of purple. Friendship, Spirituality, Numerology, Astrology, as diverse as my sun sign of Gemini.

Kori\'s Bin
My personal web space, inspirationals, family event, Photo Albums Brazil, California

My GOF Dedication
A little \'bout me, Garden of Friendship, Unicorns, and my son, Dylan

MsCharlotte\'s Stuff
Stuff I like and stuff I create

My Playground
It\'s my \"Playground\" on the Internet :-) You can download my tubes, my masks, backgrounds, and se my tags and tutorials.

Grammy's Attic
Grammy's Attic....Come rummage 'til your heart's content

Just a bit about my family, fur babies, friends and the area where we live.

Abbeyvale Woods
A personal site that reflects my art, writing and other interests.

Darling Daisy
A blossom blooms here. @--{---

The SugarHigh Lounge
The Lounge offers freebies of all sorts, from Sig Tags to Digital Scrapbooking Supplies. Membership isn\'t required to snag!

Twinkle Periwinkle
Spreading my precious petals

Hafapea\'s Universe
A place to kick back, relax, and escape the mundane.

The Point in Between
inspirational poetic journey

Have You Ever Been Owned By A Siamese
We are allowed to live in our home and cared for by two Siamese Cats. They are a very real and vital part of our family. We also have signature tags, stationeries, tutorials, and other pages of in ...

One Voice Of Many
A site dedicated to awareness of domestic violence, child abuse and depression.

come on in, have a seat, coffee and have a look around, please sign the guestbook along your travels, I love to see who\'d been here.

Lily Lane
My site is about me and my travels, my poetry, graphics, digital photography and lots more!

My Reflections
Family friendly, with PSP links, wolf information, recipes, photos and more.

Parddu's Pages
My site has a mixture of pages about needlework, including free charts, hints and tips, pages about my budgies and pages about Wales, its history and language.

SarahBrightEyes Welcomes you
Welcome to my home on the web. I hope you enjoy your visit here. I have lots for the whole family to see. Great music, and heartwarming stories, all about me, dedications and more. Hey, sign my guestbook ...