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Spinning, knitting, dyeing, fiber fun of all kinds. I try to post at least twice a week, usually three times. Please stop by and say hi!

Fibergal Fantasy
Strange ramblings of a fiber freak

Bloomin' Knitiot
Blog about knitting, spinning, designing and general 'stuff'

Fiber Addict
Hello, my name is Holly. I'm a fiber addict, er I mean a fiber artist. I spin, knit, quilt, and almost anything else fiber related. I also enjoy beading. This blog is a place to talk about and share ...

World Traveling Evil Fiber Enabler
Ramblings of a fiber besotted old broad

Three Little Terrors
A place where I muse on the trials of being a mum of three, a spinner and a student

Halal Silks & Fiber Arts

My Heart Knits
my journey home with God's hand in mine and my knitting in the other.

Wool Over My Eyes
I've been knitting for years and resisted learning to spin. Another obsession! I bought a drop spindle and then at Rhinebeck I bought a wheel. And now I've spun and knitted my first project!

The Gingerbread House
A blog of my artistic adventures. I love fiber arts and live to spin.

Life With Sheep
LIFE WITH SHEEP is a blog about life on Newland Ranch, in the prairie grasslands of Western Canada. Ranch life is busy with farming, cattle, poultry and sheep. Carding, spinning, dyeing and knitting fill ...

an attempt to speak eloquently on behalf of all things woolie.

A record of my projects in knitting, spinning, using natural dyes, and some weaving on inkle looms

Knitting if not Eccentric
Knitting and Spinning with a little gardening etc. thrown in.

A Verb for Keeping Warm
Spinning, Dyeing, Knitting, Weaving, and Ethnographic Textile Explorations

knitting, spinning, free patterns, kids, gardening

Pocket Size Studios
A craft blog for what I'm working on, pondecommunity, and looking at in the fiber arts world.

Frum Philly Farmgirl
Day to day, or not so often, musings and bemusings of a frum farmgirl, wife, and mother living in Philadelphia and her family and homelife adventures.

naturally knitty
A blog about my knitting, spinning and my life.

The Jolly Knitter
A blog about my experiences with knitting and spinning

Knitting, spinning, bragging about my adorable son - plus any other random thoughts that come along.

Spinning, Knitting, Crocheting, Organic Gardening, Living off-grid, and chasing sheep - because- I'm, like, NOT SANE!

Knitting in the Dog Run
Spinning, knitting and living with my dogs in the Lakes Region of Maine

thefunkyfelter's news & tips
The Funky Felter is a fiber artist specializing in traditional and modern felt making techniques as well as spinning, hand dyeing, and other crafty endeavors.

I talk about my adventures in spinning and knitting and other fiber art and occasionally get distracted.

sarahbird spins (and does other stuff, too)
Spinning, knitting, dyeing, life.

Pieces of Stcommunity too Small to Save
Personal accounts of fiber-related endeavors.

Hoc Age
Apply yourself to what you are about, in my case that is knitting and spinning and ...

Knitting History
Knitting History started out as a knitting blog, but we all know knitting is a gateway craft, and it leads to other harder crafts, like spinning, dyeing, and eventually, even weaving. I spin, I knit, I ...

A midwest illustrator that knits,crochets, weaves and spins while corralling three dogs.

Shivaya Naturals
Shivaya is a site dedicated to the fiber arts, as well as to organic, handmade goods

Mystery Fibre and Mixed Media
My experiences of discovecommunity spinning, my quest for a wheel and the stuff I make. Oh, and a few laughs along the way

I stitched my finger
A blog about spinning, quilting, knitting and whatever else I might make!

Fiber Junky
Fiber addicted homeschool mom knits,spins, and chases kids and critters all day long.

Musings of a Crafty Wench
I\'m a serial crafter and my blog is my way to be accountable and productive. I\'ve been spinning off and on (mostly off) for a while, but it\'s been in the past year that I\'ve devoted significant wheel ...

Jazzturtle Creations
Creative process of a spinner who specializes in unique, one of a kind art yarns with fun and interesting fibers and texture. Also features vegan yarn.

Musings at Windyridge
Life on a small farm and the sometimes crazy things the animals and kids get up to. Outdoor adventures, baseball, hunting, my fiber hobbies, spinning, knitting and dyeing the fiber from my sheep, goats ...

Clicking Needle
Knitting, spinning, fiber dyeing, and other fiber-related crafts with Annette (a biologist) & Robin (a potterer/teacher).


My nickname is ducky, and I love all things fibery! I knit, spin, and felt and love to dye rovings and card up crazy batts!

Nancy's Art, Crafts and Favorites
All things crafty, a bit knitty, artsy and sometimes projects that can be created within a few hours (or days).

A place where I post about my spinning, knitting and crazy life with 4 sweet munchkins.

Knitwith Homespun
A small time blog about my family, my hobbies, and my life. Knitting, spinning, cooking, hiking, geocaching, and photography.

Knit Musings
My journal of knitting, spinning and dyeing adventures. I will share my personal views on yarn, fiber, patterns and related books.

Aesthetic Entanglementz
Devoted to knitting, spinning, designing, and fiber pursuits.

Life, Fiber, Books and All
I'm a college gal rying to get throuh life, expounding on idiots, shacommunity funnies and the lovely world of spinning with a little dying and knitting for spice.

Commentary on spinning, knitting, dyeing and other thoughts bouncing around the head of a liberal 30 year old free spirit.

Silver Selkie Studio
A blog about all my creative obsessions. I can never pick just one craft or art form. So I hand dye and card fiber and spin my own yarn. I make stuff with my yarn. I paint a bit in oils and acrylic. I ...

The Yarn Piggie
Adventures in spinning, knitting, writing, and foster care.

I knit, spin, weave and blog about it!