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knitting,spinning,dyeing and wine of the week!

Knittin' Mama
Knitting and spinning with three little boys

My knitting and spinning activites plus American in Australia and Sydney Swan

My fibery blog. Knitting, spinning, sewing, quilting and of course the family dog.

The knitting yogini
Leigh's little blog about spinning, knitting, yard, and being a mom.

Red Bird Knits
Knitting, spinning, dyeing, trips to wool festivals - all fun!

Rose Knitted Glasses
The story of a newbie knitter and of how knitting has made her see life in a wonderful new way

Adventures in sock knitting, general knitting and now spinning

The Knotty Spinster
Knitter and spinner from Texas.

k1, (knit one)
knitting and now blogging about learning to spin too, but just on a hand spindle for now...

My blog is about my adventures in knitting, crocheting, tatting and handspinning

Velma's World
Musings on life in the World o\\\' Velma, behind the Redwood Curtain, land of wonderousness. Blogging on topics such as: knitting, spinning, yarn, disc golf, Arcata, Humboldt, sarcasm, and yes, bacon.

Aquarian Hamster
mostly knitting, spinning & weaving, with some vacation travels

Then the Crow went "AWE!", in return to my calls.
My blog of all my different crafts and interest but mainly knitting and spinning. I am a Sericulturist, AKA I raise silkworms for the silk so there is some info on that too.

Beth's Knitting
A knitter unexpectedly develops a drop spindle fixation, and it's all downhill from there.

handspun yarn and other random goodness.

Tall Gal Knits and Spins
I have 3 wheels a Jensen Tina, Wyatt Pegasus and a Winsome Timbers Fiona, I spin on all three and knit too!

Crafter's Cupboard
A place to chronicle with photos and notes my progress through different craft projects (mostly spinning) and how my life affects my crafting.

Winona Queen

Spin A Yarn for Ewe
A site devoted to my fiber adventures.

From Fleece 2 Fantastic
A blog which charts my experiences as a beginner spinner and the things I knit with yarn.

Neulova lehmä :: Knitting Cow :: La Vache qui tricote
Spinning in Finland since 2005

Spinning Spider Jenny
A fiber arts teacher and writer ponders on hand spinning, natural dyeing and knitting. Oh, and life, too.

Purlewe Knits
Knitting and spinning on the outskirts.

mind of winter
A knitting and spinning blog with some posts on travel.

Hair O'the Lamb
A crafty girl learns to spin (or-how I learned to stop worrying and love my wheel)

if we shadows
ramblings on knitting, spinning, life, love, dogs, work and whatever else comes to mind

Harlem Purls
A good helping of Knitting mixed with a spoonful of Spinning, followed by a dash of sewing and a tid bit of crochet. Mix it all together and what do you have. My blog.

Spinning Out
A journal about my life, my spinning, my crafty endeavors and what ever else comes to mind.

Hook 'n Spin
A log about my addition to spinning, my wheel, what I crochet with my fiber, the types of fiber I use, and the felting processes I use.

a 45 year old nursing student who spins, knits and quilts

That Spinning Place
A haven for spinners, knitters & felters. That Spinning Place - the BLOG!

tisjewel's Turn of Art Studio
Blog about artist tisjewel - Julie O'Neil, from every day life to mixed media art to spinning & fiber art!

Knitting Kitties
The adventures or misadventures of trying to maintain the multitude of WIPs in various forms of needlework, and teaching myself to spin; while maintaining life with my dear SO, five cats and a rabbit.

Sherie's knitting and spinning blog.

knit tigger
knitting, spinning, dying, related fibercrafts and other aspects of my day to day.

Zarzuela Knits and Crochets
Where knitting, crocheting, spinning, libraries, bassoons, & many other things come together!

Bubbles and Purls
A little blog where I brag about my kids and grandkids, talk about knitting and spinning and prattle on about soapmaking a bit from time to time.

The Patchwork Butterfly
a fibery blog including my gossamer weight spinning

Amy's Babies
Handmade dolls and handspun yarn

Yosemites Knitting Addiction

Knit Nutt
My blog, detailing my adventures in spinning, knitting and generallly experiences the wonders of life!

Always Casting On...
Confessions of a Knitting, Spinning, Sock Yarn Hoarder

Abby's Yarns
Abby Franquemont has been involved in the fiber arts since birth. The daughter of field anthropologists and fiber artists, she spent much of her childhood growing up in the Peruvian weaving town of Chinchero, ...

Dawn's Dream
DeltaDawn's knitting and spinning blog

Soapturtle Knits
A blog about knitting and spinning and sometimes life.

Ask The Bellwether
As a spinner, knitter, sock machine fanatic this list is a glimpse into my life and my favorite thing -- information! I love answecommunity questions, and keeping the blog on that track realy helps me ...

Maia Spins
The blog of a central California knitter and spinner. I post spinning fiber reviews, free knitting patterns, and tutorials. I also write about my dogs and other topics of interest to me with an occasional ...

Whirled Yarn
Spinning, knitting and life with sheep!