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Learn how you can save,protect,preserve wildlife and their habitat. Learn about other environmental issues that are the top biggest threat not just to the environemnt,but to ecostems.

ANIMAL Teachers
Animals have much to teach people. Learn from animals as diverse as snails, turtles, sharks, badgers, and emus. Come and read what the animals have to teach, and learn more about them.

Wolves Of The World
Wolves of the World: Social behavior, habitat, breeding, and endangerment of the Gray Wolf, Red Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Mexican Gray (Lobos), & Maned Wolf .

World of Wolfspirit
ome on a mystical journey to The World of Wolfspirit. {;} Light your candle and follow me.....{;}Look over there are some mystical journeys where you can {;}visit Atlantis, Lemuria, or even go on a true ...

Festivals of Nature
Enjoy photos of the changing seasons of our beautiful Earth.