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A collection of trivial facts, useless drabble, and gratuitous eye candy

you are a china shop, i am a bull
I am a thirty-something bi grrl from New Zealand, and this is a scrapbook of my life: thoughts, angst, reviews, quotes, and fluff.{;}

100 Things you never knew...
100 Things you never knew...

Kit Man's Diary

Other Wind: 100 Things About Me
Other Wind is a weblog containing journal entries, creative writing, reviews, thoughts, etc., as well as photographs and images every now and then. Of course, this page contains 100 things about me, the ...

a little bit of yellow
just another crayon from the box.

ikss ~ journal
Mind vomit by ikss

The Neurotic Fishbowl
The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life.

hidden city
More than you wanted to know but then, isn't that the point?

Angelz Revenge
My personal site with a bunch of random nothingness.

much ado about knitting
{;}100 things about a small town mom obsessed with knitting.

Is there anybody out there
My private journal.{;}

The most bocommunity thing you've ever read in your life.

No One Likes Me
{;}Blog of a single mother with no friends.

Raw Soul
100 things to say

It's 100 things about me... but then, you knew that already.

100 Things You Might Not Know About Poagao
{;}The photography, writing, films and blog of ex-American left-handed Poagao, from Taipei, Taiwan

Me Simply
100 things you may or may not care to know.{;}

100 Top Debi Details
100 Things about Debi, not that you care, but it's a list I made for friends, and figured why not put it here! :) {;}

ilgondo's blog
a little of this and a little of that

100 things about chastitycatt
tidbits for the curious{;}

100 Things About Me
a whole bunch of crap about me that most will dismiss as tripe but it's really not ok?{;}

Princess and the P - 100 things

Project Orange
It's all about me!

Call me Tickles
100 Things about Me, Tickles

Down the Rabbit Hole
An eclectic personal site.

100 rantings
Yet another 100 things about me community. Quirky and interesting, depending on your interest level.

100 Things about the Danimal
100 things about Daniel A. Johnson, Jr., of Dayton, Ohio USA

A hundred things about me
A hundred things about me you might (or might not) want to know...just so you know.

Just me and my blog - what a gripping life I DO lead! {;}

[0-0] Girl Android
semi-random musings for no particular reason ...

this sweetly is forming and molding my soul
Online journal, weblog, whatever you would like to call it.

100 Things About Me
This is a great writing assignment. My 100 things will grow and change...it was first done about five in the morning on a cold August day.

A little about me and my books.{;}

Winter Night
A personal website.

My Meadow
writing these 100 things was a trip down memory lane....{;}

100 Things About Danelle

100 Things About A Grlinabox
100 Things About A Grlinabox

Sirkin Stances
This page contains 100 specially crafted things about me...

100 Things about me

My Mundane Mid-Life
Just a personal webiste of a married mid-40's unemployed IT engineer. Just mundane.{;}


100 things even I didn't know.{;}

100 things about me
{;}the list of 100 things about me

100 Things About Cybertoad
Just an eccentric chica who is Cuban but also a native Houstonian and proud Texan.

Jennie: British in the USA
100 things about a British woman who moved to the USA to marry her online love.{;}

i asked my common sense not to wait up for me...

In A Mood
Personal site including my online journal created with Movable Type and whatever else I feel like adding

Jesserz Divine Abode
My diary with a list of 100 things about me.

patiently waiting
longtime online journaler. longtime diarylander. longtime writer. short fuse.