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Daphne @ Villa Santiago
A boy, a girl and their blog. Come see what we've been doing while your back was turned! This is the home site for Juan and Daphne Santiago - enjoy our witticisms, read the blog, play, debate, ask questions, ...

Batinfested.com 100 things
These are 100 things about me. The list can be found at http://batinfested.com as a link as well as on here. Enjoy!

Here in Katie's Head - 100 Things

RedJen's Home
RedJen's Home

Double Taps
What I was thinking when ...{;}

Maybe Tomorrow
The blog of a 23-year old chick with lots to say and nothing much to do but say it. Oh, and of course, 100 things :)

whyspered moments
one life one whysper at a time

Dallas the official website
Dallas, the official Snowman's site.{;}

100 kittykitty things

105 things about Tidus - Dimension Fantasy
Vuela! {;}My 105 things about me. Check em out and then click back to my site. Don't forget to sign my guest book, thank you! ^^{;} ~Tidus{;}

Rambles of Stacey
My rambling my and my best friend's fingers dancing over the keys.. together that equals a webpage of my rambles. :)

There Are No More Tickets to the Funeral
This is an extension of my weblog where I chronicle my daily life.


ebonyblue's musing about life
{;}This is where I muse about my life as a domestic goddess extraordinare.

an examined life...
Personal Website that examines what makes life worth living. The quote by Socrates: 'An unexamined life is not worth living.' is the hallmark of this site. Anyone interested in examining their own lives ...

Amidst a tangled web
100 things about a software engineer.

100 must know facts about Cinemaphile
100 list for Cinemaphile

Viking Zen
A list by a half-Brazilian, half-American chick who likes literature, movies, music, good food, and good conversation.

Fast lanes and potholes on the road to fitness{;}

The Illustri0us Soul
Random facts on Illustri0us.

Journal of a Canadian living in Los Angeles.

Langemarks Cafe
Langemarks Cafe is about Cyberculture, Information Architecture and reading the Digital Domain. It is maintained by Gunnar Langemark, and comes with a european attitude to it.

serenity now

Living La Vida Loca In Japan - 100 Things About Me
100 things about me from a woman living a crazy life in Japan.

Lots of childhood recaps and crime.