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Beagles are great dogs. I grew up with a beagle called Fluffy. Fluffy was not a name well suited to a beagle because beagles tend not to be fluffy animals. My parents bought a beagle puppy just days before I was born so that I’d have a dog to play with growing up. They have more photos of our beagle puppy than they do of me. A beagle is the perfect breed of dog to get as a companion for your children as they’re growing up. If a beagle grows up with a child, it will get along well with all children. Beagles are fairly small dogs and can be a variety of colours. Many beagles are white with brownish-coloured spots. Beagles have long floppy ears and a long nose. Beagles are gentle and intelligent, though some females can become aggressive and protective of their family or puppies. Beagles are also known to be very protective of their food, so tell your children not to mess with your beagle when they’re eating because your beagle might think you’re trying to take their food from them and become aggressive.

Beagle Jobs

Beagles were originally used as hunting dogs to track rabbits and game, and so, have a highly developed sense of smell. Customs officers in airports often use beagles to sniff out illegal substances, such as drugs, bombs, or smuggled food. If you’re trying to sneak a pack of Italian sausages into the country, there’s a good chance that you’ll be caught if customs has a beagle on site. Part of the reason that beagles are chosen for these jobs is that they’ve got an incredible sense of smell and they’re less intimidating to passengers in airports than some of the bigger search dogs.

Beagles and Animal Testing

Unfortunately, beagles are also the most widely used dogs by animal testers because of their calm nature. These beagles are easy to care for and are easier to perform tests on than larger more powerful dogs. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of beagles for scientific testing. Animals rights groups protest the use of beagle in animal testing and have stolen beagles from breeding companies and testing facilities several times in the past. Although nobody wants to use lovable innocent beagles for scientific testing, testing is necessary. Unless a reasonable alternative is found, scientific testing on beagles will continue. You may have noticed that a lot of companies now advertise that their products are not tested on animals, such as beagles. This usually means that instead of testing their products on beagles themselves, the used formulas in their products that had already been tested on animals, such as beagles, to ensure they were safe for humans. Unfortunately new drugs are being produced all the time and need to be tested before they are sold to the public. If a feasible alternative to beagle testing were found, a lot of beagles would be spared.

Beagles in Dog Shows

Today, many beagle owners enter their beagles in dog shows. Dog shows have very specific regulations regarding the size, type, and characteristics of beagles allowed to enter. For most dog lovers, the exact height of their beagle is not important. One very famous beagle is Charlie brown’s Snoopy, from the Charlie brown cartoons. Snoopy was a two-colour black and white beagle.

Beagle Behaviour and Personality

My parents bought my beagle, fluffy, in Ireland, where I grew up. When I was about four years old, my family, along with our beagle, fluffy, moved to Canada. Normally, dogs travel in a cage in the cargo section of the plane, but our beagle fluffy was allowed to travel with me in my seat. We bought a cage to carry our beagle in which we kept under the seat. Most airlines would not allow you to do this but they made an exception for our beagle because she was very small for a beagle and very well-behaved. Beagles are usually good travelers because they’re obedient and calm. If you train your beagle properly, you’ll be able to take your beagle on road trips with your family without any problem. Many inns and hotels allow small quiet dogs, but it’s wise to check in advance if your beagle will be allowed to stay at the hotel. One thing to look out for when traveling with your beagle is not to leave it by itself for too long. If you’re going to a beach where beagles aren’t allowed, it would be better to just leave your beagle with a friend or at a kennel. You can’t just leave your beagle in the hotel room for the day because they’ll get bored and make a mess and are known to howl loudly when they’re lonely.

Beagles are fairly intelligent animals and you can teach them tricks if you have to patience. I began training my beagle as a puppy and she’s very well-behaved now. Beagles don’t tend to stir up a lot of trouble unless you leave them alone for too long. They tend to be fairly relaxed, easy-going dogs. My beagle gets cranky if she doesn’t get her daily walk, but is otherwise very pleasant. Because are great dogs for children as well, because they’re so small and calm. You’ll have to teach your children, especially the very young ones, to be gentle with your beagle.

The Easter Beagle

The Easter Beagle was a character from Charlie Brown’s Easter special. One of the characters told the kids that at Easter, an Easter beagle would come and hand out eggs. I don’t believe the eggs handed out by the easter beagle were chocolate eggs. The Easter eggs that the Easter beagle handed out were the same eggs that Lucy had hidden the day before for the easter egg hunt. Charlie brown did not receive an egg from the Easter Beagle.