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Collie dogs area a relatively old breed, originally bred for sheep and cattle herding. Since the first collies, several collie breeds have branched off the original collie breed. One of these is the bearded collie. Though all collie breeds are quite different, they do have a few things in common. For example, a lot of people who keep collies as family pets say that their collies try to herd the neighbourhood children when they take their collie out for a walk. Though the collie is not used much for herding anymore, the different collie breeds all retain their herding instinct.

Bearded Collies

The bearded collie is a herding dog with long shaggy black and white or grey and white hair. The bearded collie grows to be quite large and though it was originally bred for herding, the bearded collie is now more often kept as a family pet. Bearded collies are affectionate and loyal and crave attention from their owners. They also need a lot of space to run around, so they’re not ideal for keeping in an apartment. Bearded collies do better on farms or in home with big gardens or parks nearby. It’s important for your bearded collie’s health for you to make sure they get plenty of exercise. Because bearded collies have such a long heavy coat, you must be prepared to spend a fair amount of time grooming your bearded collie. Some people cut their bearded collie’s hair short to make their coats easier to maintain. This is called a puppy cut. If your bearded collie is very active, a puppy cut is often a good idea. The bearded collie is a very intelligent dog with a mind of its own and needs to be trained from a young age. Some thing the bearded collie is a dumb breed simply because they don’t always obey commands. This is not because bearded collies are dumb – it’s because bearded collies were bred to work by themselves and make decisions on their own. Therefore, if a bearded collie doesn’t think that an action is necessary or warranted, they will not listen to you. If you’re looking for a dog that will obey without question, the bearded collie is not the dog for you. Known for getting into mischief, the bearded collie needs a lot of attention and obedience training. Bearded collies will test their owners from a very young age to see what they can get away with. If you don’t train your bearded, they will train you. Common behaviour in untrained bearded collies, as with many dog breeds, is jumping up on people, taking food off counters, and resisting everything you tell them to do.

Bearded Collie Health

 Bearded collies are fairly healthy dogs on the whole. The bearded collie usually lives to about twelve to fifteen years and doesn’t suffer from many of the problems that other breeds do. For instance, most bearded collies don’t suffer from hip problems like other dogs do. This is because of strict breeding controls and precautions taken by responsible bearded collie breeders. However, many bearded collies suffer from various allergies to different kinds of foods, and other things. The best way to keep your bearded collie in good health is to feed your bearded collie nutritional healthy food and to give your bearded collie lots of exercise and attention.

Bearded Collie Rescue

If you’d like to get a bearded collie dog, visit your nearest bearded collie rescue shelter. Bearded collie rescue shelters take in abandoned or orphaned bearded collies and find them new homes. Sometimes people are hesitant to adopt a bearded collie from a bearded collie rescue shelter because they’re afraid the bearded collies may have been abused or weren’t properly trained. However, bearded collie rescue shelters will find out about a bearded collie and its history and tell you about a bearded collie’s behaviour and temperament to make sure you only get the bearded collie that’s best suited to you. Also, bearded collies are affectionate animals and are very loyal to their owners. If they are given new owners who give them the care and attention they need, a bearded collie will become attached to their new owners in no time.

Bearded Collie Puppies

If you’re looking for bearded collie puppies, try a bearded collie breeder or bearded collie rescue shelter. A lot of farmers use bearded collies on their farms, so you might try them as well. Generally on bearded collie puppy is enough because they grow to be quite. If it’s your first bearded collie puppy, definitely don’t start with more than one because they can be a handful. Bearded collie puppies grow up fast, and before you know it your bearded collie puppy will be huge. That’s why it’s important to train your bearded collie puppy when they’re young. This can save you a lot of frustration when your bearded collie is full grown and has already established bad habits.

Bearded Collie Pictures

Bearded collie pictures are easy to come by, especially since the shaggy dog movies, for which the main character was a bearded collie. You can get a lot of these bearded collie pictures for free off the internet. If you have a bearded collie you might prefer to have your own bearded collie pictures blown up or mounted to hang in your home. Many bearded collie owners also commission artists create paintings or drawing of their bearded collie, just as you would a family portrait. If you fee that your bearded collie is as much a part of your family as anyone, you might like to have some bearded collie portraits of your own. You can do so many different things with bearded collie pictures. You can have your own bearded collie pictures printed and framed or printed onto a piece of clothing. Some people make their bearded collie pictures into a bearded collie calendar. If you know someone who has a bearded collie, a bearded collie picture would make a nice gift for their birthday.