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Bloodhounds are big friendly dogs that are specially bred to track humans. They can pick up a human scent hours or days after someone’s passed through an area. Bloodhounds are commonly used for tracking criminals and escaped convicts and also make great family pets. Bloodhounds tend to be very mellow, relaxed dogs and are well-suited to mellow relaxed owners. Though bloodhounds like to taking it easy, they are very persistent when it comes to tracking. A bloodhound can pick up even the faintest scent of a human and will follow it until it finds the person. Bloodhounds are not only used for tracking escaped convicts, but also for tracking missing people. Because it’s usually a while after someone goes missing before people start to worry, a bloodhound can be especially useful in finding them. Even if it’s been hours since they traveled through and area, a bloodhound can pick up their scent and follow them. You’ve probably seen peoplee using bloodhounds for missing people searches on TV. Mickey Mouse’s dog, Pluto, was a bloodhound. Bloodhounds are usually reddish coloured or tan or dark brown, though they can be other colours. They have long floppy ears, droopy eyes, and a very sad-looking face. However, bloodhounds are usually very calm and happy dogs.

Bloodhounds and Dog Shows

If you’re interested in entering your bloodhound in dog shows or if you’d like to breed bloodhounds, you first need to learn about bloodhound grooming and breeding standards. There are different breeding standards set by different bloodhound breeding groups in different countries. If you’re looking for other adult bloodhounds for your bloodhound to breed with, join a bloodhound club in your community. There you can meet other bloodhound owners and look for suitable bloodhounds for your bloodhound to breed with. You can also ask other bloodhound breeders for tips and advice about bloodhound breeding and selling bloodhound puppies. Bloodhound breeding is serious business, so make sure you know what you’re getting into. If you’re a bloodhound owner already, it’s a bloodhound club can be a great place to go to for support if you ever need help with your bloodhound, whether your bloodhound has health problems and you want to ask some questions, or if you’re going on holiday and want another bloodhound owner to look after your bloodhound when you’re gone. Generally, most bloodhound owners just leave their bloodhound in a kennel when they go away. If you’re interested in showing your bloodhound, you’ll have to get him in shape and have him nicely groomed. Many bloodhounds have done very well in dog shows in the past.

Bloodhound Health Problems

Bloodhounds experience many of the usual problems that bigger dogs are susceptible to in their old age, such as hip problems, arthritis, and the like. Some other problems that bloodhounds suffer from are ear infections and problems with their droopy eyelids. Otherwise they are generally healthy dogs. The bloodhound breed has been around a long time and still looks fairly similar to the earliest bloodhounds, before people began intensive breeding of bloodhounds. Therefore, a lot of their traits occurred naturally and weren’t chosen by humans. Therefore, bloodhounds have few strange problems unique to bloodhounds than other breeds tend to have. To keep your bloodhound healthy, the best thing you can do is give your bloodhound plenty of exercise, feed them a balanced nutritious diet, and keep them reasonably clean. Bloodhounds should be brushed now and then but shouldn’t be washed too frequently. They have fairly short hair, so frequent baths aren’t necessary anyway. Another way to ensure your bloodhound leads a long healthy life is to make sure you buy your bloodhound puppy from a reputable breeder. As with all dog breeds, there are always irresponsible or ignorant breeders who don’t know what they’re doing. This can result in serious health problems for your bloodhound later.

Bloodhound Puppies

Bloodhound puppies! Though bloodhound puppies are possible the sweetest animals on the face of the earth, it’s important to keep in mind that bloodhound puppies don’t remain bloodhound puppies for ever; they grow up to become enormous adult bloodhounds. If you’re thinking of buying bloodhound puppies, first make sure you know what it takes to care for a bloodhound. Bloodhounds can be difficult to train so it’s a good idea to begin training with your bloodhound puppy, rather than waiting til they’re old and big and more difficult to handle. Unfortunately, it’s common for people to buy a cute puppy, bloodhound or not, and decide when it grows up that it’s not as much fun as having a puppy and so the dogs are abandoned. For people looking for bloodhound puppies, try a bloodhound rescue shelter to see if there are abandoned bloodhounds in need of a home before going to a bloodhound breeder. Bloodhound puppies grow to be very big and their thick bones add to their great weight. It’s fine to let your children play with your bloodhound puppies as long as they’re gentle, but you should never leave small children with an adult bloodhound unsupervised. Although adult bloodhounds are very gentle animals and get along well with children, they can knock over and hurt a child because of their bulky frame.

Bloodhound Gang

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