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Border Terrier

Border terriers are small to medium sized dogs with plenty of energy. The border terrier was originally bred for catching rats and other vermin. They often have wiry coats but this can vary from dog to dog. Border terriers are loyal companions and make good family pets because they generally get along with children and other pets. Border terriers need a fair amount of regular exercise even if they don’t push for it themselves. Border terriers love to be in the company of their owners and need a lot of attention and affection. If you can’t spend a lot of time with your border terrier during the day, having a second dog around will usually keep them happy. If a border terrier is left alone for too long, they’ll become bored and lonely and could resort to destructive behaviour like digging or chewing on clothes and furniture. In terms of grooming, a border terrier doesn’t need much work and is fairly low maintenance. However, border terriers do she and they should be brushed fairly regularly to get rid of old dead hair. It’s important to brush a border terrier rather than cut its hair because cutting a border terrier’s hair will damage it. Sometime cutting makes a border terrier’s hair very rough and curly. However, you may sometime have to trim the long hair around your border terrier’s face if it gets in the way of them seeing or eating. Border terriers come in a number of different colours and normally have coats that are a mix of a number of different colours. Border terriers are very eager to please their owners and so are very trainable. But if you’re not careful with when and how you give them praise, you could do a lot of damage in terms of training them. It’s important to always be aware of what behaviour you reward because your border terrier will remember and if they know that a particular behaviour will get them positive attention they will repeat it often. Another thing to watch out for is ticks. Border terriers often get ticks because they enjoy running in long grasses. There are a few ways to get rid of ticks but its best to ask a vet which way is best. Because ticks latch on so tightly to the animal, you should not attempt to simply rip the tick off. Often the tick’s body is torn off and the head remains, making it more difficult to get rid off. Also, if you rip out its head, it could result in a lot of bleeding. You can usually tell if your border terrier has ticks because they’re fairly visible under the hair and they’ll make your border terrier quite itchy.

Border Terrier Puppies

Border terrier puppies, like most puppies, have a lot of energy and like to run around. But keep in mind that however much energy your border terrier puppy has, it’s not healthy to over-exercise your border terrier when they’re young because it could damage their developing bones. Instead, take your border terrier for regular walks but don’t make them too exhausting or long. Also allow your border terrier puppy lots of time for napping, as puppies tire out quickly and need their rest. Some border terrier owners like to crate train their border terrier puppies so that they are used to it when they grow up. The reason for crate training your border terrier puppy is so that your border terrier has a place of its own to sleep where it is comfortable. It also makes traveling easier if your border terrier is already used to sleeping in their crate. If you intend to crate train a border terrier puppy, it’s important that you use a crate that’s large enough for your border terrier to move around comfortably. The point of crate training a border terrier puppy is not so that you can lock it up while you’re out of the house. This is not good for a border terrier specially if they’re left alone for too long. If your border terrier puppy is properly crate trained, you can leave their crate open most of the time and they will come and go as they please. In fact, many border terriers enjoy having a place of their own to escape to.

Border Terrier Breeder

If you’re looking for a border terrier puppy, make sure you find a reputable border terrier breeder. Many dog breeders either don’t know what their doing when they breed border terriers or are ignorant and breed border terriers irresponsibly. It’s important when breeding border terriers to have a medical examination of the border terrier parents to ensure they don’t have any genetic disorders or heritable diseases. If a medical exam is not done, these diseases could be passed onto the offspring.

Black and White Border Terrier

Black and white border terriers are less common than other colours. Most border terriers are some mix of several shades of brown and black but it’s not often that you see a black and white border terrier.

Border Terriers for Sale and Border Terrier Rescue

 The best place to go for border terriers for sale is a border terrier breeder. Even better than border terriers for sale are border terriers for free. You can find border terriers for free at border terrier rescue shelters or at the humane society. Like any breed, many border terriers are abandoned by their owners. Border terrier rescue shelters take in abandoned or neglected border terriers and try to find new homes for them. Border terrier rescue workers are often border terrier owners themselves and volunteer their time to find home for orphan border terriers. So instead of looking for border terriers for sale, why not adopt a border terrier from a border terrier rescue shelter. If you’d like to help abandoned border terriers but can’t adopt a border terrier of your own, you can make a donation or volunteer for a border terrier rescue organization.