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Boxers are a medium sized breed of dog from Germany. Typically, a boxer’s coat is a mix of light and dark brown, sometimes with a bit of dark grey or black. They usually have some white on their face and chest and often have white feet. Some boxers have their ears cropped by their owners when they’re puppies. Many countries no longer allow cropping of boxers’ ears and tails but some kennel clubs still insist that they be cut if they’re to participate in dog shows. One of the most import features of a boxer is the shape and size of its head. A boxer should have an under bite and a squarish shaped head. Boxers also tend to be droolers. Boxers are also often used as guard dogs, therapy dogs, and are good at all sorts of dog competitions, The boxer makes a good guard dog because it has a fierce bark and a very strong bite. Though boxers aren’t friendly towards strangers, they’re very affectionate towards family and friends and may become sad or frustrated if they do not see any affection from their owners in return.

Boxer Puppies and Breeders

If you’re looking for boxer puppies, try a boxer breeder. It’s important to choose your boxer breeder carefully because inexperienced or ignorant boxer breeders will often sell you unhealthy puppies. If you want a healthy boxer puppy, shop around until you find a boxer breeder that you trust. For example a boxer breeder should always test their boxers for genetic diseases or other illnesses before using them for breeding to avoid passing on diseases to their offspring. Most boxer breeders don’t breed white boxers because they’re often deaf and have a number of health problems that other boxers don’t. For this reason, kennel clubs don’t allow white boxers to compete in dog shows. Boxers are a very popular breed in north America, partly because boxers are so good with children and other pets. Although boxers sometimes don’t get along with some big dogs of the same sex in the home, they are generally very good with other pets. Boxer puppies grow into very strong and decisive dogs, so it’s important to train them properly when they’re young. However, a boxer puppy doesn’t mature all that quickly; many boxer puppies don’t mature into adult boxers for two or three years. Some boxer owners say that their boxer was difficult to train. Usually, the best kind of training for a boxer is positive reinforcement, rather than harsh punishment. If you have trouble training your boxer, either because yu left it until they were too old or because you don’t know how to train a dog, you and your boxer can sign up for obedience lessons. At boxer obedience school, you’ll learn how to control your dog and teach them how to behave. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more difficult to train an older boxer because they’ve already fallen into bad habit.

Boxer Rescue

If you would like to adopt a boxer, contact your local boxer rescue shelter. If there isn’t a boxer rescue shelter near you, have a look on the internet to find out where your nearest boxer rescue organization is. Find out if they have any boxers that need a home. Many boxers are abandoned by their owners and the boxer rescue organizations take them in and find new homes for them. There are a number of reasons why a boxer owner would abandon their owner, and one of them is because the owner didn’t know anything about the breed when they got a boxer. If that’s the case, there can be personality clashes and the owner often ends up abandoning their boxer or giving it to the humane society. This is the case with a lot of abandoned dogs. That’s why buying someone a boxer or any other pet as a gift is a terrible idea. If the person isn’t interested in owning a boxer, the dog will be neglected and be very unhappy. Boxers need a lot of attention from their owners and are happiest when they’re around other people or animals. Boxers were actually bred as hunting dogs. A boxer would chase down a bear or a deer and hold it down until the hunter showed up so that the hunter would have the glory of killing the animal that their dog caught. Today, most pet owners don’t use their boxers for the sort of thing.

White Boxers

Contrary to popular belief, white boxers are not that uncommon. In fact, despite efforts to reduce numbers of white boxers, roughly one in five boxers is a white boxer. White boxers are not albinos – they just have a lot more white hair than other boxers. A boxer must have a coat that’s more than thirty three percent white to be called a white boxer. White boxers are not desirable because they have a lot more health problems than regular boxers. For instance, white boxers are often deaf due to lack of pigmentation in the ears, White boxers are also more inclined to get sun burnt and develop skin cancer. Most people don’t breed white boxers because they would contribute too many undesirable characteristics to the breed. Many boxer lovers would happily adopt white boxers and neuter them immediately so that they cannot breed. Owning a white boxer is a big responsibility. Your white boxer will likely suffer from a lot more diseases than most boxers usually do. A white boxer is certainly not a good choice for a first time dog owner because they require a lot of special care.