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The bulldog has always been a popular breed of dog. There are three main types of bulldog: the american bulldog, the english bulldog, and the french bulldog. The english bulldog and the american bulldog are both tougher looking in appearance, while the french bulldog is really more of a lap dog. When bulldogs are puppies, they are absolutely adorable and it may be hard to resist bulldog puppies but make sure you know all the special needs and health problems specific to the bulldog breed before you go out and buy bulldog puppies. Besides purchasing bulldog puppies, you may wish to look into a bulldog rescue.
A bulldog rescue will list all the bulldogs that need homes and a bulldog rescue could be a cheaper way to obtain a bulldog, as well as a way to save a bulldog and give him a happy life. A bulldog rescue will probably not offer purebred bulldog puppies, however, so if you wish to show your bulldogs, get them from a breeder registered with the American Kennel Club. The english bulldog is probably the most recognizable type of bulldog. The english bulldog has short, stocky legs and a wide barrel chest with a large head. The english bulldog has a gait close to a waddle when he walks and the english bulldog is not exactly known for his energy. That said, the english bulldog is a sweet and loyal dog. The english bulldog makes a great family pet, as these bulldogs love children and get along well with other animals. The wrinkles on the face of an english bulldog give him a certain frowning appearance that masks his happy disposition. These english bulldog wrinkles are prone to collecting dirt and moisture and must be cleaned daily to keep your english bulldog healthy.
The english bulldog is actually a common mascot for everything from sports’ teams to the United States Marine Corps. The georgia bulldog is actually an english bulldog. The georgia bulldog is the mascot for the Georgia college football team. The georgia bulldog was actually the first live mascot to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. A man behind the curtain plays the voice of the georgia bulldog. The georgia bulldog even wears a cute red sweater. Using an english bulldog for a mascot, as they did with the georgia bulldog, is so popular because the english bulldog has a tough look and also speaks to a time-honoured history. The english bulldog is a very old and dignified breed. The american bulldog is related to the english bulldog but is actually more similar in appearance to the now defunct olde english bulldog breed. Before the english bulldog as we know it today was established as the breed standard, there existed a type of english bulldog more like the american bulldog in size and physical ability.
The american bulldog developed its main breed characteristics in Colonial America. The american bulldog is larger than the english bulldog in terms of height but is also thinner and built for physical activity. The american bulldog was generally used as a cattle dog. Now the american bulldog is a rarer breed than the english bulldog. The american bulldog often resembles an American Pit Bull, though it is usually smaller in size. Like the english bulldog, the american bulldog has a friendly and happy temperament and gets along well with children. The american bulldog may not get along with cats and smaller dogs, however, as the american bulldog has a strong drive to go after prey. The french bulldog is different from the other types of bulldogs in that the french bulldog has always been bred solely as a companion dog. The french bulldog has never been a working breed and as such is shown in the toy category, rather than the sporting category in which the other two types of bulldogs belong. The french bulldog is very suitable to a smaller home or apartment. Though the french bulldog, like all other dogs, does need exercise, the french bulldog is perfectly happy to be at home.
The french bulldog has a wonderful gentle temperament that makes him a great lap dog. The french bulldog is susceptible to various genetic health problems, however, especially those that may result from inbreeding. Though you should make sure you get your bulldog puppies from a reputable breeder no matter the type, this is especially true of the french bulldog. Some of the problems your french bulldog may encounter are breathing problems, due to the shape of the french bulldog snout, eye problems, and spinal problems. Always make sure a vet has properly examined the french bulldog puppies you get from a french bulldog breeder first. When you have decided any of these types of bulldogs are right for you, you should decide whether to purchase bulldog puppies from a breeder or to go to a bulldog rescue.
No matter where you live in Europe or North America it should be difficult to find a bulldog rescue. If you are not planning on showing your bulldogs, then you do not need the purebred certification that buying your bulldog puppies from a breeder offers. A concern about getting your bulldog from a bulldog rescue may be unforseen health problems, especially if the bulldog’s family history is unknown. Still, before you rush out and look at those adorable bulldog puppies, consider giving an older bulldog from a bulldog rescue a new lease on life. If you have chosen to look at bulldog puppies, it will be difficult to pick just one! Nothing is more adorable than wrinkly little bulldog puppies but make sure to research your bulldog puppies before you make quick decisions. No matter which type of bulldog you decided was right for you, you and your bulldog should have a good life together. One of the best bulldog traits is your bulldog’s fierce loyalty to his owner. If you want a dog that will be your constant companion, a bulldog could be right for you.