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The bullmastiff is a large dog, bred for hunting poachers. The bullmastiff is believed to be a mix of a bulldog and some sort of mastiff. Bullmastiffs come in many different colours and colour mixes including brown, tan, black, white, and many more. The bullmastiff has short hair, a black nose and mouth, and floppy dark-coloured ears. The bullmastiff has strong powerful legs but tends to drool. The bullmastiff can be trained but is sometimes stubborn and refuses to obey commands. Bullmastiffs make good family pets because they’re gentle and affectionate. Even when they attack they rarely bite – a lot of time they just knock the intruder over.

Bullmastiff Breeders

Bullmastiffs were accepted as a breed not too long ago. Today, bullmastiffs are a popular household pet. They also make good guard dogs because they are powerful and very protective of their owners. The bullmastiff also has a very serious-sounding bark. The bullmastiff doesn’t bark that often because they were trained to stalk poachers, so barking would have been an unfavourable trait. If you’re looking for bullmastiffs, try a bullmastiff rescue shelter before you go to a bullmastiff breeder. It’s rare that you’ll find a bullmastiff puppy at a bullmastiff rescue shelter, but you can often find full-grown bullmastiffs. Thought he bullmastiff is believed to have originated in England, it has become a popular family pet and bullmastiff breeders can be found across the globe.

Bullmastiff Rescue

It’s extremely important to do research about any dog breeds you’re thinking of buying before you buy a dog. This is especially true for bullmastiffs and other purebred dogs. Ignorance is no excuse for buying the wrong dog because there is a wealth of information about bullmastiffs on the internet that is available for free. What often happens, is someone will buy a bullmastiff without knowing anything about the breed. They’ll then find that the bullmastiff isn’t suited to their lifestyle for some reason or other: sometimes people don’t like walking their dog everyday or they don’t have time to play with their dog. In other cases, the owners living circumstances change so that they can no longer keep their bullmastiff. Whatever the case, the bullmastiffs are left at animal shelters in hopes that they will be adopted by a nice family before they are put down. Because so many animal shelters are already at capacity, many bull mastiff lovers will offer their homes as foster homes until the abandoned bull mastiffs find a good home. These people make up the bullmastiff rescue team. If you’d like to help the bullmastiff rescuers, you can make a cash donation or volunteer your services to the bullmastiff rescue initiative in your area.

Bullmastiff Puppy

A bullmastiff puppy is an excellent choice for a lot of people, though not for everyone. You should find out as much about the breed before you buy a bullmastiff puppy. Bullmastiff puppies aren’t all that different from other puppies. Like most puppies, bullmastiff puppies are very small and quiet to begin, and get bigger and louder as they grow older. Bullmastiffs however, tend to be fairly calm dogs all their lives. You should start training your bullmastiff puppy when it’s still fairly young because it will be easier than trying to train a full-grown bullmastiff. Full grown bullmastiffs tend to be a bit stubborn and because of the size they grow to, you’ll want your bullmastiff to at least be house trained before they’re too big. It’s important that a bullmastiff owner be able to handle their dog because bullmastiffs are quite powerful. If you’re a bullmastiff owner and you’re having a hard time training your bullmastiff puppy, don’t despair. It might be that your bullmastiff puppy is still too young to start training. If you think you need help training your bullmastiff puppy, sign up for some obedience classes. Obedience classes are not just for your dog to learn new tricks – they are also for you to learn how to control your dog. It’s also an opportunity for you to meet other dog owners and ask them any questions you might have about dogs. If you’re lucky, you might even meet another bullmastiff owner.

Bullmastiff Food

Though there are all sorts of special bullmastiff foods for every kind of bullmastiff, there are few that compare to making your bullmastiff’s food yourself. You can find useful recipes online that tell you how to make your own bullmastiff food. Not only will you be providing your bullmastiff with a healthy meal, but you’ll be saving money by not buying those expensive dog foods at the pet shop

Pictures of Bullmastiffs

If you love bullmastiffs, you’ll also love pictures of bullmastiffs. Many bullmastiff owners post pictures of their bullmastiffs on the internet. You can often access these bullmastiff pictures for free and print them from your computer. There are so many things you can do with bullmastiff pictures. Using your own bullmastiff pictures or perhaps some bullmastiff pictures that you found on the internet, you can make your very own bullmastiff calendar. If you’re not a bullmastiff owner yourself but know someonw who is, consider making them a personalized bullmastiff calendar for their next birthday. If you’re not keen on making a bullmastiff calendar yourself with pictures from the internet, you can just as easily buy a bullmastiff calendar from a pet store or calendar shop. Most calendar shops have a section dedicated to dogs and you can look for dog calendars by breed. If you’d just like to use one or two bullmastiff pictures, you could make a t-shirt or print them onto a coffee mug. Every bullmastiff owner should own at least one bullmastiff coffee mug.