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American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a strange-looking animal. It’s often white with a round face and small eyes, and short legs. American Bulldogs also usually have pointed ears and stubby tails if the owner cuts its tail off as a puppy. Though many people confuse the two, an American Bulldog is quite different from an american pit-bull terrier. In the movie, the Little Rascals, the dog Petey was an american pit-bull terrier, not an american bulldog. Both american pit-bull terriers and american bulldogs often have a white coat with grey or black spots and a spot around one eye, which can make it confusing to tell them apart. American bulldogs should are also not to be confused with bulldogs, sometimes called English bulldogs. English bulldogs look very different to American Bulldogs, so you shouldn’t have a problem telling them apart. American Bulldogs have big round faces whereas English have flatter wrinkly faces and much shorter legs. Their front legs curve inward and it looks as if their back legs are longer than their front legs. English bulldogs also have short smooth coats whereas American Bulldogs tend to have short coarse coats.American bulldogs can have huge litters of up to fifteen or more puppies. American bulldogs are generally friendly and gentle dogs but don’t take kindly to intruders. American Bulldogs make good watchdogs because they’re very protective and can grow to over 120 pounds. The american bulldog’s guard dog instinct can be a problem only if you don’t train it. You should begin training and socializing your american bulldog when it’s still a puppy. If you train your american bulldog, they make a great family dog and get along very well with children. American bulldogs are also sometimes referred to as hog dogs because they’re used as working dogs for catching pigs.

American Bulldog Puppies

American Bulldog puppies are a lot of fun and incredibly cute but are also quite fragile. If you buy an American Bulldog puppy from an American Bulldog breeder, they usually will let the puppy stay with its mother for about six weeks before they hand over the puppy. Even at six weeks, american bulldog puppies are tiny. Though it may be convenient to buy an american bulldog puppy from a pet store, it’s not a good idea because american bulldog puppies at the pet store usually come from American bulldog puppy mills. In these puppy mills, adult american bulldogs are held captive for the duration of their life in very inhuman conditions for the sole purpose of breeding and are severely neglected. If you’re looking for american bulldog puppies or adults, the best place to go is either an american bulldog shelter or any animal shelter or an american bulldog breeder. American bulldog puppies can be a handful, so try to prepare for your american bulldog puppy before it arrives. You’ll need a bed for your american bulldog puppy to sleep in. You’ll also need to buy some puppy food and chew toys for your american bulldog puppy. Its best not to spend too much money on your american bulldog puppy’s first bed because they’ll make a mess of it as a puppy and quickly grow out o it. American bulldog puppies are very entertaining to watch because they’re so wobbly on their stubby little legs and their beady little eyes. Like all puppies, american bulldog puppies need a lot of sleep and you’ll find that they take a lot of naps during the day. It’s best to just let your american bulldog puppy sleep if they’re tired.

American Bulldog Breeders

American Bulldog breeders can be found across the globe, not just in America. If you’re looking for american bulldog breeders, a good place to start is on the internet. It’s usually best to get your american bulldog from an american bulldog rescue shelter or from an american bulldog breeder because american bulldogs from pet stores, like all pet store dogs, usually come from puppy mills. Puppy mills breed american bulldogs and all sorts of other animals under very poor living conditions. Because puppy mills aren’t regulated, they treat the animals very cruelly, churning out many animals for scientific research and pet shops. However, you also have to be careful when choosing an american bulldog breeder because you want to find someone who knows a lot about the breed and about dog breeding. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if your american bulldog breeder doesn’t know what they’re doing. The most common problem is that american bulldogs, like any purebred dog, are susceptible to a lot of genetic diseases if they’re too inbred. Therefore, your american bulldog breeder should know which bulldogs should and shouldn’t be used for breeding. Reputable, responsible breeders will check american bulldogs for genetic defects or diseases before using them for breeding to prevent their american bulldog puppies from inheriting genetic disorders.

American Bulldogs and You

Is an american bulldog the right dog breed for you? Ho can you tell? The best place to start is to get some books or do some research on the internet about american bulldogs. If you happen to know an american bulldog owner, they’re usually more than happy to answer any questions you have about their american bulldog. American Bulldogs are fairly energetic dogs and need a fair bit of exercise, so the best owners for american bulldogs are usually active people who know how to handle a dog. Its important that you be able to control your american bulldog, because if you aren’t able to train your american bulldog, they can become quite a nuisance. IF you think you’re fully capable of raising an american bulldog, contact an american bulldog breeder and order yourself an american bulldog puppy. You’re sure to love your new american bulldog.