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Airedale Terriers

Airedale terriers are very powerful but gentle dogs. They can tear a truck tire to shreds in a matter of hours but they are extremely careful with children and gentle with their owners. Airedale terriers are very affectionate dogs and make great family pets. Airedale terriers also make good guard dogs. Unlike some dogs, airedale terriers hate swimming. Like most terriers, they enjoy digging and chewing on anything they can find. If you have an airedale terrier,. You probably have already learned how difficult it is to keep a nice garden because airedale terriers have a habit of eating plants and breaking down your trees.

Airedale health and Behaviour

Airedales are tall elegant dogs will wiry brown and black hair. Airedale terriers, like many terriers, tend to have skin problems, including very itchy skin. You should try to keep your airedale terrier clean because they will up against your walls when they are itchy and make a terrible mess. The best way to bathe an airedale terrier is to hose him down with a garden hose or send him to a dog parlour. Because airedale terriers like to dig and poke their head into holes, they get a lot of dirt on their faces, especially stuck in their beard. The classic cut for an airedale terrier is short with longer hair around the muzzle, giving the characteristic airedale beard. Airedale terriers have pointed ears and fairly squarish heads. They also have very powerful jaws. But not to worry, an airedale terrier is a gentle animal and won’t harm children. Airedale terriers, like children, take a long time to mature. In fact, airedale terriers are considered puppies up to about the age of three years. Therefore, if you buy an airedale terrier puppy, you need to realize that you’ll have to dedicate a lot of time to raising and training it. Airedales like attention and though they can be left alone for a time, it’s best not to leave them on their own for too long because they’ll get bored and destroy thing, like you garden.

What to Look Out For

One particularly bad habit of airedale terriers is that they eat anything and will become sick if you don’t keep an eye on what they’re eating. My airedale terrier especially liked to eat balloons and serviettes. Airedale terriers are also known to love chasing cars. It’s best to discourage this behaviour as soon as it happens. Airedale terriers also particularly unfriendly to strangers until you give the OK. Because they have excellent hearing, an intimidating bark, and are very protective, airedale terriers make good guard dogs. Airedale terriers tend to do better in warmer climates because they like to have lots of space to run around outside. If you live in a country like Canada, where the ground is covered with snow for much of the year, an airedale terrier may not be the best kind of dog for you, unless of course you have an enormous house for your dog to run around in during the day. It’s a tragic thing when airedale terriers are neglected because their owners hadn’t anticipated how much care and attention they require. I used to own an Airedale terrier. My Airedale terrier was a great dog but he’d to drive me crazy with his strange habits. He would always manage to catch the neighbour’s ca and kill it and then leave it on our doorstep in the morning. Then we’d have to bury the neighbour’s cat in our garden and pretend we didn’t know what happened to it when they came by to look for it. Cat killing is a common trait among Airedale terriers, so it’s probably a bad idea to get a cat if you already own an airedale terrier and vice versa.

Airedale Terriers and other Pets

If you’d like to talk about your airedale terrier with other airedale terrier owners, become a member of an airedale terrier club or start entering your airedale terrier in dog shows. Airedale terriers make great dog show dogs because they’re fairly obedient and not too difficult to train. Airedales do like to run around and get exercise, so don’t buy an airedale terrier unless you know you’ll have time to take it out for lots of walks or have a big yard for it to run around in. If you’re thinking of buying more than one dog, I would suggest getting one at a time. That way, you can focus on training your airedale terrier puppy before another puppy comes along. Airedale terriers get along especially well with Maltese terriers, because they are both very gentle animals. In my experience, fox terriers are not as good a match with airedale terriers. Because fox terriers are such excitable, energetic, and possessive, they may end up terrorizing your other pets in a battle for your attention.

Airedale terrier Art

There are plenty of artists out there who paint or do sketches of airedale terriers. You can order prints of airedale terrier pictures online or you can commission an artist who draws airedale terriers to draw a picture of your airedale terrier. It’s unusual for these artists to draw your airedale terrier from life. Usually, you’d send a photograph of your airedale terrier to the artist for them to draw from. Other types of airedale terrier art includes airedale terrier stone sculptures, pastel drawings of airedale terriers, airedale terrier wrought iron arts, and pewter figurines of airedale terriers. If you are artistically inclined yourself, you can make your own airedale terrier art or create airedale terrier art to sell to other airedale terrier owners. The real challenge when creating airedale terrier art is to capture the personality of the individual so that they don’t look like just any other airedale terrier. You can capture an airedale terrier’s personality in your airedale terrier artwork by drawing or sculpting a likeness of the airedale terrier in a special pose or setting.