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Breast Reduction Surgery - Free Yourself From Physical Pain

Times have changed so much over the last decade and many people are divided about whether this is a good or bad thing. Technology has drastically altered the way people communicate and medical advances have prolonged our life expectancy. One thing that hasn’t changed has been the correlation between the way that we look and the way that we feel. In fact, one can argue that our appearances have become even more important to the way that we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. For this reason, the dieting and exercise industry has grown rapidly over the last few years. Another industry that has also seen great strides in popularity has been plastic surgery. When people think of plastic surgery they generally think of a treatment that is unnecessary and superficial.
However, many plastic surgery procedures are reconstructive surgical techniques that are intended to not only enhance a person’s appearance but also increase their comfort level. While most people have seen people that have undergone unfortunate breast augmentation surgeries that make them look a bit ridiculous, one cosmetic surgical procedure that many people can support is breast reduction. It’s strange to think that in a culture that seems to value the idea that bigger is better that people would want to reduce their breast size.
However, breast reduction surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery techniques for both men and women. In both cases, breast reduction is a treatment that reduces a patient’s breast size due to the fact that large breasts on a small body can result in a number of medical problems. Some of the common discomforts that are associated with large breasts include back pain, neck pain, skeletal deformities, breathing problems, and skin irritation. These ailments are just physical problems and it would be an oversight to overlook the emotional trouble that comes with having unproportionally large breasts.
Are you a candidate for breast reduction surgery? If you find that you are irritated by having large breasts, then you may be a candidate for breast reduction surgery. While breast reduction surgery patients are generally happy about having the procedure, it is important to have realistic expectations of the outcome of a plastic surgery procedure. For individuals that are mature enough to have reasonable expectations about breast reduction surgery, you may be interested in seeing whether or not breast reduction surgery is the right treatment for you. One of the biggest concerns that potential breast reduction surgery patients have is that they are being rushed into a decision. Let’s face it, surgery in all cases is a serious thing to consider. It is important that you ask any questions that you have with your cosmetic surgeon.
Although some patients feel that there is a conflict of interest when listening to a cosmetic surgeon explains the procedure, this assumption couldn’t be further than the truth. Any qualified cosmetic surgeon will tell you that the biggest problems that they face is dealing with patients that have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of breast reduction surgery. A good cosmetic surgeon will do their best to make the patient have realistic expectations about the treatment. Although all surgical treatments carry their own set of risks, breast reduction surgery is considered one of the safest plastic surgery treatments. Considered a reconstructive treatment for women, breast reduction is designed to help relieve patients from the physical problems that can result in having large, heavy breasts. While there have been instances where breast reduction has been performed on patients who are at a young age, these cases are rare and only done in situations where the patient is experience serious physical discomfort. This is because cosmetic surgeons prefer to perform breast reduction on patients whose breasts have fully developed. In cases where patients are planning to breastfeed, it is recommended that they wait until a more appropriate time to have the procedure performed.
Breast Reduction Surgery Although breast reduction surgery is among the safest and most common cosmetic surgery procedures being performed today, it is in your best interest to go through the process of surgery with your cosmetic surgeon. There are a number of techniques that a cosmetic surgeon can use when performing this treatment. Make sure that you discuss the breast reduction surgical technique that your cosmetic surgeon is going to use prior to going to surgery. For the most part, cosmetic surgeons will make an incision in the shape of an anchor around the breast that is going to be treated. The incision will follow the natural shape of the patient’s breast and will allow the cosmetic surgeon to remove the excess glandular tissue and fat from the breast. In addition to these changes, the cosmetic surgeon will also move the nipple and areola higher above the breast. While a cosmetic surgeon will try their hardest to ensure that the nipple continues to be attached to a patient’s blood vessels and nerves, there are cases where the cosmetic surgeon will have to completely remove the nipple and areola. This is mainly due to a patient having particularly large breasts that make it impossible for the cosmetic surgeon to keep the nipple attached to the blood vessels and nerves. Rest assured though that the cosmetic surgeon will graft these important parts of a patient’s breast back to a higher position. Once the cosmetic surgeon is happy with the results, they will tighten up the breast skin and reshape the patient’s breast contour. In some cases, the cosmetic surgeon will also use liposuction that is designed to excessive fat from the patient’s armpit area.
Breast Reduction Risks With any surgical procedure, there are risks that a patient has to be aware of before undergoing treatment. It is in your best interest to discuss the risks of breast reduction with your cosmetic surgeon. If the plastic surgeon tells you that there are no risks, then it is recommended that you change your cosmetic surgeon. A qualified cosmetic surgeon will not sugarcoat the potential risks of breast reduction surgery. To be fair though, breast reduction surgery is one of the safest reconstructive plastic surgery procedures today. In some cases, breast reduction surgery patients have complained about small sores developing around the nipples following treatment.
However, this is a minor problem that can be treated with antibiotic creams. There are times, though, that a cosmetic surgeon will have to separate a patient’s nipples and areola from the blood vessels and nerves. Unfortunately this results in a permanent loss of feeling in the nipple or breasts. However, a cosmetic surgeon should diagnose this early on in the consultation stage and will tell you that they will have to do that if you decide to undergo breast reduction surgery.