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Anna Nicole Smith Exposed – The Crazy Personal Life of Anna Nicole Smith

One of the biggest tragedies in the last year of Anna Nicole Smith’s life is the way that her erratic behavior became so public. At the time, Anna Nicole Smith had returned to public attention due to the heartbreaking story of life and death that occurred in Smith’s life one fateful week last September. Smith had just given birth to a daughter, Dannielynn, in a move that seemed to show that Anna Nicole Smith had stabilized her life. However, just three days later, Smith’s son Daniel would die from a drug overdose. In this period, the public couldn’t help but feel terrible for Anna Nicole Smith. After all, how many parents can handle going from the jubilant high of giving birth to a child to the tragic lows of having to bury their child? Unfortunately, these sad events would return to Anna Nicole Smith back to the front pages of the tabloids.
In the last few months of her life, Smith was powerless in keeping the bizarre happenings of her life as a secret. Anna Nicole Smith’s story soon found itself being played on gossip shows throughout the world. Eventually, the story of Anna Nicole Smith would end in a sad but hardly unexpected manner – February 8, 2007 would be the day that Anna Nicole Smith would be discovered deceased in her hotel room. In this article, Anna Nicole Smith Exposed, we will examine the controversial and turbulent personal life of a woman that was once appointed the heir to Marilyn Monroe’s throne. Anna Nicole Smith was born Vicky Lynn Hogan on November 28, 1967. Perhaps unsurprising, Smith was raised in a turbulent home and would eventually make the decision to leave school in Grade 9. While Smith lived in a burgeoning entertainment hotbed in the Texan city of Houston, few people could have expected Smith to reach the heights that she did. She was married at the age of 16 to a cook and at one point at time worked as an exotic dancer. Although the chances of her finding success in the entertainment industry seemed small, there is always a home in Hollywood and America’s heart for strikingly voluptuous blondes. Smith rocketed to fame after appearing on the cover of Playboy in 1992. To learn more about this aspect of Smith’s life, you should check out the article, Anna Nicole Smith Playboy. While many Playmates have graced the covers of Playboy only to see their career go nowhere, Smith was able to parlay the honor into lucrative modeling contracts with Guess. In addition, Smith was slowly making her way into Hollywood and landed a prominent role in the comedy, Naked Gun 3 1/3.
To learn more about Anna Nicole Smith’s career, read our article about the Anna Nicole Smith Show. While Smith seemed to be on the fast track to big time success, her erratic personal decisions derailed her train to stardom. When Smith was working at a popular Houston strip club, she caught the eye of oil magnate, J. Howard Marshall. Marshall persisted in his attempts to begin a relationship with the blonde bombshell and why not. Many business entrepreneurs enjoy the status of dating Hollywood beauties. However, the public was not amused because there was just one thing that they weren’t ready to accept – J. Howard Marshall was 63 years older than Anna Nicole Smith. Disregarding public opinion, Smith would marry J. Howard Marshall on June 27, 1994, almost a year after she had divorced her first husband. At the time J. Howard Marshall was 89 years old and people couldn’t help but assume Anna Nicole Smith was just a gold digger waiting to inherit Marshall’s vast fortunes. This personal decision drastically affected Smith’s career options as many movie producers refused to cast a woman whose personal life was so controversial. Additionally, modeling contracts dried up as many modeling agencies reasoned that very few people would want to buy a product that is being advertised by a woman married to an 89 year old man.
The Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall marriage would end with Marshall’s death on August 4, 1995. Immediately, there was a huge fight between Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall’s son over the question of Marshall’s inheritance. The family leaked stories of Anna Nicole Smith never living with Marshall during the marriage and the public couldn’t help but be disgusted with Smith and Marshall’s very public fight over a recently deceased man’s inheritance. By this point in time, Smith had receded from the public eye. Viewed as a joke, Smith’s life became a highwire act. She dramatically gained a ton of weight and was a walking punchline. However, Smith was able to turn the jokes about herself into her own gain when she starred in a reality TV show that documented Smith’s attempts to lose weight and regain her celebrity. Anna Nicole Smith’s star had risen slightly by the time that tragedy struck her in 2006. Although the vast majority of the country empathized with Smith’s loss of her son, the good public opinion quickly dissipated. This was due to an intense battle that developed about who was the actual father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn.
At the time, Anna Nicole Smith was married to her lawyer, Howard K. Stern, who would come off as a diabolical figure in the last few months of Anna Nicole Smith’s life. However, the photojournalist Larry Birkhead quickly countered Stern’s claims of being the father of Dannielynn. If that wasn’t complicated enough, the husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor, Prince Frederick von Anhalt, as well as Hall of Fame football player and public pariah, OJ Simpson, and also Anna Nicole Smith’s bodyguard revealed that they had affairs with Smith and could potentially be the baby’s father. While the whole sage of who was the father of Dannielynn was all fun and good, eventually it was revealed that Larry Birkhead was the father of Smith’s daughter. In most cases, people are quiet respectful to a person after they have died. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case for Anna Nicole Smith. Following her death, photos were revealed with Smith in bed with a Bahamian immigration minister … the same immigration minister that had given his approval to Anna Nicole Smith’s permanent resident application. Videos of Smith dressed up in clown paint talking to a doll didn’t help.
The worst revelation in the Anna Nicole Smith Exposed coverage was allegations that Smith had intentionally withheld food from her daughter to ensure that she looked good. Regardless of how you feel about Anna Nicole Smith, we can all agree that thankfully there will be little more revealed about Smith’s life in the future!