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Facelift – Turn Back the Clock on Your Face

Life can be hard sometimes. One day, we’re youthful enthusiastic kids running around and living a carefree life. The next day, we’re adults trying to pay off the bills and just working towards making it for tomorrow. Unfortunately, as we grow older, expectations on how we should look has also grown. With the influx of technology like digital cameras and camera phones, it is nearly impossible to avoid seeing a current photo of you at least once a month. Aging is a natural part of life that we can’t avoid. However, the last thing that we want is to see how aging affects our face.
That combined with sun exposure and the cumulative effect of stress can drastically alter our faces and make us look older than we appear. One of the most effective ways of reversing the effects of time and turn back the clock to a more youthful facial look is through the plastic surgery treatment, facelifts. While many people may criticize cosmetic surgery as being unnecessary and frivolous, thousands and thousands of people are turning to this option everyday. Sure, there is a bit of silliness in getting plastic surgery but can you really question something that makes people happy?
Although facelifts used to be something that a villain would do to avoid people tracking them in movies, the times have changed. Now celebrities and people just like you are turning towards facelifts or rhytidectomy to get that youthful spring back into their faces. One of the more famous facelifts of this year has been the gene simmons facelift which he didn’t hide from. Rather, the Kiss star showcased this cosmetic surgery treatment on his hit reality TV show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Now that plastic surgery treatments like facelifts are no longer a big secret to be ashamed of, now is the perfect time to see if this treatment is right for you. Facelifts or rhytidectomy is one of the most popular and diverse plastic surgery treatments a person can have. Depending on what a patient wants, a cosmetic surgery facelift can remove excess fat from an area of a person’s face. From there, facelift surgery involves tightening the muscles around the affected area. The skin is then reattached to give the patient a natural looking, youthful facial look.
Is a Facelift the Right Thing For You? One of the biggest criticisms that the cosmetic surgery industry has to face is that it is taking advantage of naive individuals who are being lied to about the miraculous powers of plastic surgery. Look, if you talk about the possibilities of a facelift with a plastic surgeon and they tell you that it will protect you forever from the effects of aging, then you may have a point. However, qualified cosmetic surgeons will tell you upfront that it is unrealistic to expect a facelift to alter your life. Rather, a cosmetic surgeon should explain to you that you can’t expect a facelift to completely change your life and to stop the process of aging. It’s truly amazing to see how much progress has occurred within the cosmetic surgery industry. Procedures that decades ago would carry a significant amount of risk have become routine plastic surgery treatments. A facelift is considered one of the safest plastic surgery treatments and are usually performed on patients that are between forty and seventy years of age. Additionally, facelifts can be performed on individuals younger and older than the common range. Generally speaking, plastic surgeons prefer for facelift patients to have a strong and well-defined bone structure. Although facelifts are designed to treat facial sagging, it is more convenient for patients to still have some elasticity in their skin. More important than these physical characteristics is having the right attitude. By expecting improvement but not perfection, the perfect candidate for a facelift is an informed patient that has realistic expectations for this cosmetic surgery treatment.
Facelift Procedure As one of the most popular plastic surgery treatments, cosmetic surgery facelifts are one of the safest treatments. Typically speaking, a facelift will last for a few hours. However, in some cases where a patient is having a facelift in conjunction with a number of other cosmetic surgery treatment, a 3 day facelift is not rare. Depending on how extensive your facelift treatment is, it is also not uncommon for plastic surgeons to conduct the treatment over a series of sessions. However, for the most part facelift surgery patients can expect the procedure to last a few hours.
Typically, facelifts are performed at either a hospital or at an outpatient surgery center. Considering how diverse a facelift is, it is not surprising to learn that each plastic surgeon has their own unique style when it comes to performing facelifts. Generally, what occurs is that a cosmetic surgeon will make incisions around the hairline that will separate the skin of a patient’s face. This allows a plastic surgeon to trim the underlying fat and suction it from your face. From there, the plastic surgeon is able to recontour your face’s shape and will tighten the underlying muscle and membrane. Once the plastic surgeon is finished, they will pull the skin back and close up the incisions. Depending on the situation, a plastic surgeon may use metal clips to close incisions on the scalp, bandage a patient’s head to reduce the extent of bruising and swelling, or insert a tube behind the ear to drain excess blood.
Facelift Risks One of the biggest concerns that everybody has before undergoing a plastic surgery treatment is safety. After all, who hasn’t heard awful plastic surgery stories where things go wrong and you end up looking worse than you ever did before. Rest assured though that facelift surgery is one of the safest cosmetic surgery treatments available. However, do not trust a plastic surgeon that will tell you there are no risks to a facelift. There are risks to facelifts, but they can be avoided by using the skills of a qualified cosmetic surgeon that you can trust. In the rare cases when a facelift complication can occur, the most common problem is hematoma.
This results when blood collects under the skin that a cosmetic surgeon will have to remove. Although there are some cases where nerves have been injured, this is usually a temporary problem. Additionally, some facelift surgery patients have complained about their skin not healing fast enough. However, in many cases this is due to a history of smoking. While facelift surgery can be a scary thing, you can reduce the risk of complications by following your surgeon’s advice.