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Gallery of Paris Hilton – The Career of Paris Hilton

It would be fair to say that a big reason behind Paris Hilton’s current popularity is due to her notoriety. As Paris Hilton embarks on a trip to prison, many observers have been amazed by her ability to capitalize on what would appear to be mishaps. News reports have surfaced reporting on Hilton’s plans on writing a prison diary that would cover her 23 day prison sentence that she hopes to publish upon her release. Say what you will about Hilton’s abilities but the girl knows how to parlay seemingly embarrassing and potential career ending events into publicity and increased buzz.
To find out more about Hilton’s hectic personal life, be sure to read the fantastic article, Paris Hilton Party Life. Although it is easy to focus on the rollercoaster ride that is paris hilton’s personal life, what is equally interesting is seeing how this hotel heiress is attempting to become famous for something besides being famous. The career of Paris Hilton can be traced back to her younger days. It may seem strange to think of Paris Hilton Model, but it’s true.
Hilton first broke on the national scene not for her notoriously spoiled behavior but for her sultry, thin blonde looks. The Paris Hilton Model saga began while she was still a child. During her childhood, she would appear as a model at charity events. Undoubtedly, Hilton’s connection to the Hilton fortune had much to do with this opportunity. However, the Paris Hilton Model story truly began while Hilton was still in her teens. At the time, paris hilton was attending high school and quickly realized that hitting the books wasn’t for her. Remembering her childhood modeling days, Hilton struck out on her own where she was discovered by the famed modeling agency T Management that is owned by Donald Trump. This early connection opened up doors within the modeling world for Hilton. Soon she was signed up to prestigious modeling agencies from New York’s Ford Models Management to London’s Model 1 Agency. These opportunities meant that Paris Hilton Model was able to land a number of prominent ad campaigns. Guess Jeans are well known for their edgy advertisements and Hilton was soon appearing in their ads.
Additionally, Paris Hilton was gracing magazine ads promoting respected brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Christian Dior. In many ways Paris Hilton’s modeling career has been her most successful career. In fact, Paris Hilton looked like she was happy with her modeling career and was becoming entrenched in that world. One of the most common pitfalls for young models is an inability to resist the party scene. As you could undoubtedly imagine, a young Paris Hilton was unable to resist the temptations and ego boosting exploits of the New York modeling scene. Although an unknown at the time throughout most of the world, Hilton became a staple in New York’s tabloids. In fact, for a brief period of time, Hilton was engaged to fashion model, Jason Shaw. The modeling world is notorious for how short a model’s career span is. After all, although there are iconic supermodels, the modeling industry thrives on featuring the beauty of young starlets who are trying to avoid the realities of aging. In many ways, Paris Hilton’s partying ways was the best thing that she could do for her career. Eventually, her New York based exploits combined with her status as heiress to the Hilton fortune, an iconic name based on the impeccable reputation of Hilton Hotels, made her become more known within the country. Eventually, magazine articles started to pour in asking, “Who is Paris Hilton?” Despite the fact that many of these articles were slightly critical by discussing the extravagant exploits of this rich, young model, Hilton’s name started being known by people throughout the country. Her dating exploits with Sum 41 singer, Deryck Whibley, and Backstreet Boys crooner, Nick Carter, ensured many appearances on entertainment gossip shows. Whereas others would have attempted to change the public perception of being a spoiled, rich party girl, Hilton decided to capitalize on the perception. Teaming up with childhood friend, Nicole Richie (daughter of “Hello” crooner Lionel Richie), Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie crafted a reality TV show with Fox television that lampooned their image. Playing up their images of spoiled rich girls, Hilton and Richie teamed up in “The Simple Life.” The show had a simple fish out of water premise.
The opening sequence was of Hilton and Richie having a goodbye party at Paris Hilton’s father’s mansion in Beverly Hills before embarking on a new life in Altus, Arkansas where they had to help the Leding family without their cellphones and credit cards. The amazing thing about The Simple Life has been its staying power. The first season was a big success and has led to four more seasons with the premise being tweaked. The second season of the reality TV show had Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie embarking on a road trip across the United States.
Following that was a season based around the adventures of the twosome interning for companies based on the American east coast. In the forth season and the first season on the E! TV station, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton were working a truly bizarre premise. In this season, the two would play a wife role for different families in the Los Angeles region. From there, each participating family would choose which of the two played the role of wife the best. By this point, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie had become huge stars and the tensions between the two were starting to boil.
The season ended with the beginnings of a confrontation and followed by media stories discussing the breakup of the two’s friendship. Eventually, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie reconciled and have completed the fifth season of The Simple Life, which has them participating as counselors at various camps throughout the country. To learn more, check out the article Paris Hilton The Simple Life. Although reality TV, modeling, and living the good life has brought Paris Hilton her fame, it doesn’t mean that she is stopping her work on her career. Showcasing the multitasking skills that seem to be all the range among Hollywood’s younger stars, Hilton has been busy working on a movie and music career. Paris Hilton’s movie career started with a number of cameos where she was playing herself. She popped up in the movie “Zoolander” and played minor characters in the films, “Nine Lives,” “Raising Helen,” and “The Hillz.” Her first prominent role was in the remake of the classic horror movie, “House of Wax.” Starring with other youthful luminaries such as 24 actress, Elisha Cuthbert, and One Tree Hill star, Chad Michael Murray, Paris Hilton won her first acting award for Best Scream at the Teen Choice Awards. While not quiet up to the same caliber as a Best Actress Academy Award, the movie’s box office success reflected Hilton’s star power. She has gone on to star as a bratty sorority leader in 2006’s “National Lampoon’s Pledge This” and in the romantic comedy, “Bottom’s Up.” She is currently working on “The Hottie and the Nottie.”
To find out more read the article, Paris Hilton Actresss. Despite her attractive looks and her celebrity star power, Paris Hilton’s acting career seems to be stalling for the same reason why her acting career even started – her partying lifestyle. Unlike her other ventures, acting is a profession that demands a lot of their stars – 16 hour workdays, numerous takes, it all takes quiet a bit of discipline. As news have leaked out about the difficulty of filming a movie with Paris Hilton, there are many people who wonder if Paris Hilton’s acting career can truly be a success. In addition to her fledgling acting career, Hilton has successfully released a solo album that has reached the top ten. Teaming up with music veterans such as Scott Storch and creating sultry music videos, Paris Hilton’s biggest success has been arguably as a musician. Find out more about her endeavors in the music industry with the article Paris Hilton Singer.