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Paris Hilton Singer

We live in a time where it isn’t enough to just do one thing. Entrepreneurs like Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates are entering the world of philanthropy, professional athletes are dabbling in the world of music, and musicians have historically always tried to enter the world of movies. It is no surprise then to see how hard Paris Hilton has worked to build a career in a number of fields. Determined to rid herself of the tag of being famous for being famous, Paris Hilton has made a strong effort to establish herself as a fine pop singer. While Paris Hilton may be one of the most reviled celebrities of our time, many people fail to give credit to Hilton’s desire to work in a number of fields. Although it is understandable for people to resent a neophyte artist who gets the opportunity to record an album and star in movies based on the fact that she is famous for being famous, you have to give credit to Paris Hilton for even trying. Whereas other beautiful heirs and heiresses to family fortunes are more than willing to enjoy the fruits of their parents labor by partying in relative anonymity with their other rich friends on yachts in the European seas, Hilton is determined to win our hearts and take our money by producing new work. Although many people couldn’t help but laugh when they heard the news that Paris Hilton was working on an album, it is hard to laugh at how successful Hilton has been in other fields. Her first book held a frequent spot among the top of the New York Times bestsellers list, her reality TV show The Simple Life helped usher in a wave of celebrity driven reality TV shows, and she had managed to go from fledging actress to one having movies built around her in a span of a few years. If you don’t believe me, all that you have to do is read the articles about Paris Hilton Model, Paris Hilton The Simple Life, and Paris Hilton Actress. News sprung out in 2004 that Hilton was beginning to work on her album. This was a bit surprising as Paris Hilton seemed to be focusing solely on an acting career. In fact, it was her Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie that seemed to be the one who was more likely of the two to release an album. However, Hilton soldiered on and showed her dedication to her music career by creating her own record label, Heiress Records. While Hilton deliberated on her album, controversy sprung out. It seemed that Paris Hilton and fellow rising star, Haylie Duff (the older sister of Hilary Duff) had recorded different renditions of the same song, Screwed. One of the biggest problems in pop music are young producers selling the same songs to different artists. Although the news cast a bit of doubt on Hilton’s music credibility, it also allowed curious listeners a chance to preview Hilton’s music style and compare it with another starlet attempting to start her own music career. Eventually the controversy died down and Hilton completed her debut album. Initially called, Paris is Burning, Hilton’s debut album was released on August 22, 2006 with the new, simple title Paris. The album featured a sultry Hilton staring seductively at the listener on the front of the CD. While music listeners wanted to write Hilton her off, her debut single “Stars are Blind” turned out to be the perfect summertime anthem. With its light reggae beat, relatable lyrical content, and Hilton’s breathy singing, “Stars are Blind” was a legitimately good song. What made it more intriguing was the fact that it seemed to fit a new niche within the pop world. The song would eventually peak at 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The single turned out to be the perfect introduction to the eclectic album, Paris. Hilton had worked diligently with the producer, Scott Storch, who is a respected figure within the hip hop community. Storch also showed his pop smarts by crafting a number of songs on Christina Aguilera’s strong sophomore disc, Stripped. In conjunction with the reggae sounds of “Stars are Blind,” Paris featured Hilton experimenting with hip hop beats and edgy electronic rhythms. Taking a page out of the Jennifer Lopez playbook, Hilton also collaborated with respected hip hop artists Fat Joe and Jadakiss. The playful song “Fighting Over Me” showed Hilton’s affiliation with the hip hop community. In addition, Hilton released the singles, “Turn It Up,” and “Nothing In This World.” When Paris was released, it managed to climb up to six on the Billboard album charts. While warmly received as a fun party album, the debut record was not the massive success that Warner Brothers had thought that it would be. Although a bit of a commercial disappointment, the album showed that Paris Hilton did indeed have a future as a singer. In many ways, Paris Hilton’s reputation as a celebrity and partier hindered her music career. Many people wrote the album off immediately which reduced Hilton’s album sales. The distaste for Paris Hilton was fully realized when news broke out that respected underground artists Banksy and Danger Mouse created a parody version of the album. The duo created 500 copies of this album and replaced the real Hilton records with their versions in a number of British record stores. Their version of the album changed the cover art and featured cutting slogans like, “Every CD you buy puts me further out of your league.” Another controversy arose when Paris Hilton recently attended a Prince concert. Hilton had famously refused to tour her debut record which made many people suspicious of whether or not Paris Hilton could actually sing. At his show, Prince summoned Paris Hilton to the stage much to the delight of the big Prince fan. However, once on stage Prince handed her his mic and told the crowd, “Now we can finally see if she can sing or not.” Rather than seizing the opportunity to prove her haters wrong, Hilton fled the stage in embarrassment. Still considering our society’s strong desire to see redemption stories, it would not be shocking to see that the next Paris Hilton album be either a big success or not released at all.