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Maroon 5

Back in 2004, Maroon 5 lifted spirits and stole hearts with This Love, possibly the most upbeat breakup song ever written. Who could forget that sexy scene in the This Love video when lead singer Adam Levine rolled around on a bed with his then-girlfriend, gorgeous model Kelly McKee, growling to the camera about how he’d tried so hard to keep her satisfied? Apparently, no one could, because even today, three years later, This Love remains a staple on many iPod playlists. This kind of longevity is pretty unusual for music bands nowadays, and makes me wonder: just how did this love for maroon 5 last so long? What does maroon 5 have that other bands don’t? Just what is it that makes listeners hunt for maroon 5 mp3 the way kids hunt for chocolate mini-eggs on Easter, and search for maroon 5 tour dates with the frequency with which one normally checks the weather? It all started with the 2002 album Songs about Jane, a stand-out feature of the maroon 5 discography that, surprisingly, didn’t really achieve success until 2004. One piece of interesting maroon 5 trivia that many so-called maroon 5 fans don’t seem to know is, Jane was a real person. She was the girlfriend of lead singer Adam Levine.
The relationship had been stormy for awhile, and just as maroon 5 was going into the studio, Adam Levine decided that this love really had taken a toll on him. The couple split, and the band decided to name the album after what it really was, Songs About Jane. After all, why not be honest? Honesty, apparently, paid off. For many a Maroon 5 fan, it was love at first listen. The first single, Harder to Breathe, and the second single, This Love, were both Top Ten hits. This love, especially, was the kind of song that you’d be guaranteed to hear somewhere on the radio every time you turned it on. You could hear it finish playing on one station, and within a few minutes find it playing on another. Admittedly, the whole story makes me wonder how maroon 5 didn’t fade away into the realm of the overplayed. To understand this love for maroon 5 that seemed to have collectively overcome the entire universe, it might be necessary to analyze a few maroon 5 lyrics. The maroon 5 lyrics for This Love, for example, were both clever and catchy. Essentially, the song is about one of those girlfriends who constantly breaks up with you, then wants you back, then breaks up with you the second you get back together with her, and so on. The song’s popularity makes me wonder if we haven’t all been there.
However, maroon 5 this love lyrics are also laced with sexual innuendo. Consider the line: I tried my best to feed her appetite/keep her coming every night. Sure, he could be talking about fulfilling emotional needs, about desperate yet futile attempts to make a girl know that she will be loved, but most likely we’re talking physical needs here. Let’s also look at the maroon 5 lyrics of their follow-up hit to This Love, She Will Be Loved. Unlike its predecessors, which were catchy, sing along with your friends at top volume while drunk in a bar type numbers, She Will Be Loved was a soul-soothing ballad. These particular maroon 5 lyrics were tear jerkers: “I don’t mind spending every day out on the corner in the pouring rain,” Adam Levine asserted. No wonder this particular maroon 5 mp3 is in such high demand. Who wouldn’t want to find Adam Levine waiting on their corner, in the pouring rain or otherwise? The image makes me wonder what Jane was thinking when she let him go. One misconception is that Songs About Jane was Maroon 5’s debut effort. If we look closely at the maroon 5 discography, we’ll see that Maroon 5 actually had a previous album called The Fourth World, released by Reprise Records. The confusion probably lies in the fact that, back then, Maroon 5 went by the name of Karla’s Flowers. The album was produced when the band’s original members, Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick, were still in high school in Los Angeles.
However, The Fourth World went straight to the netherworld of music charts. For this reason, many people consider Songs About Jane to be the first item on the Maroon 5 discography. And, when you consider the fact that it was the first album released under then name maroon 5, (the group changed its name when it acquired a fifth member, James Valentine) it’s not an entirely inaccurate assumption to make. Some notable Karla’s Flowers trivia: back then, Adam Levine sang with a much grungier voice than the one we’ve come to know through This Love and She Will Be Loved. Also, Beverly Hills 90210 buffs take note: the next time you’re going through your old videotapes, pay special attention to any musical guests. You might catch Karla’s Flowers performing at the Peach Pit After Dark. With Songs About Jane a confirmed success, Maroon 5 began touring. Anyone looking up maroon 5 tour dates online would have noticed that maroon 5 were performing alongside established greats like John Mayer, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton and the Rolling Stones. They also scheduled their own tour dates.
By the end of 2004, maroon 5 topped everyone’s favorite music list, and maroon 5 lyrics were appearing on karaoke screens as far away as Japan. The long-awaited second addition to the maroon 5 discography hit stores in May 2007. The album is called It Won’t be Soon Before Long, and includes the popular song makes me wonder. The song makes me wonder was actually a bestseller before the album even hit stores; this particular maroon 5 mp3 was highly sought after and bought online. The whole story makes me wonder if CDs won’t become obsolete sooner than we expected. The one thing that we can be sure of is this: maroon 5 tour dates, when announced, will surely sell out fast.