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Paris Hilton Actress

Although reality TV, modeling, and living the good life has brought Paris Hilton her fame, it doesn’t mean that she is stopping her work on her career. After all, considering the success this neophyte has managed to enjoy while entering new fields of work, it is not surprising to see Paris Hilton spreading her wings. From bestselling author to credible pop musician to successful amateur porn actress, Paris Hilton has worn a lot of hats. If you think about what every little girl dreams about when she is young, it is easy to understand why Paris Hilton has seemed so determined to make it on the big screen. To learn more about other aspects of Paris Hilton’s career, make sure that you check out the articles Paris Hilton Model, Paris Hilton The Simple Life, and Paris Hilton Singer. From the hardest rappers to the most innocent pop star to even prime time athletes, it seems that every celebrity tries to pursue an acting career at one point in time. After all, regardless of the riches a celebrity makes, there is something so alluring about Tinseltown. In addition, it seems that today’s youngest stars come to prominence by showcasing their multitasking skills. Stars like Nick Cannon, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Eminem, and 50 Cent have displayed their entrepreneurial, acting, and music skills. It is no surprise then to learn that Paris Hilton has been spending most of her time working on a movie and music career. Considering Hollywood’s attempts to add some reality to their movies, Paris Hilton followed one of the easiest paths to appearing on screen – cameos. As a person that is famous for being the heiress to the Hilton fortune and for being known for her partying antics, Paris Hilton was the perfect celebrity to make one of the many cameos in the Ben Stiller male model epic, Zoolander. Hilton shares screen time with other notable celebrities as David Bowie, Fred Durst, Gwen Stefani, and Billy Zane in the Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson vehicle. From there, Paris Hilton found that the doors to acting stardom were slowly opening to her. Paris Hilton’s early film roles include a small role as Jo in the Ethan Hawke and Angelina Jolie starring psychological murder mystery, 9 Lives. This movie was one of the most well known of Hilton’s early acting roles. She also appeared as a strung out supermodel in the 2002 movie QIK2JDG. Hilton also ironically played a character named Barbie in the 2003 movie Wonderland. Although Hilton was finding it difficult to land bigger acting roles, she was able to capitalize on her reputation to score cameos in big movies. Mainly known at the time for her love of clubbing, Paris Hilton riffed on her reputation by appearing as a female clubgoer in the massively successful 2003 movie, The Cat in the Hat. Nobody seemed to care that it seemed strange for there to be a need for a club scene in the remake of the Dr. Seuss classic, all audiences knew was that they were seeing a budding celebrity about to go on to bigger and better things as an actress. In 2003, Paris Hilton was beginning to think of ways of getting her acting career on the fast track to success. Frustrated by the small roles and cameo appearances she was being offered, Hilton decided to increase her visibility by signing on for a reality TV show with Fox. The Simple Life would follow Hilton and her friend, Nicole Richie, adopt to life away from the decadence of Beverly Hills and live with a rural family for a few weeks. However, it was another tape of Paris Hilton that would ultimately help her acting career. The paris hilton sex tape that she made with ex-boyfriend Rick Soloman was released in 2004 as 1 Night In Paris. The movie, which was initially an embarrassment to Hilton, firmly entrenched her in the public’s eye as a dangerous sexpot. With that one move, Paris Hilton started to receive offers for more prominent movie roles. The first movie of note that Paris Hilton has made recently has been 2004’s Raising Helen. The Kate Hudson weeper gave Hilton her first notable role following the paris hilton sex tape scandal. Although her role as Amber was a small one, it showed Hollywood that a movie can succeed with Paris Hilton in it. Her next big role came in The Hillz, which was also released in 2004. This edgy teen drama promised to expose truths that all teenagers have to deal with and Hilton was perfectly cast as Heather Smith, the girl in high school that was just too hot to be able to realistically hook up with. While The Hillz didn’t exactly set the box office on fire, it was the biggest role that Paris Hilton had to that point. Her next movie would be the biggest success that Paris Hilton has had as an actress. In 2005, Hollywood was in the midst of revisiting all the classics and making them more appealing for a younger, MTV raised generation. The movie House of Wax was a classic 1970s horror movie and it was the perfect time to remake this forgotten movie for teenagers. The movie put Paris Hilton with a number of rising young actors. Starring 24 star and the biggest draw in The Girl Next Door, Elisha Cuthbert and One Tree Hill star, Chad Michael Murray, House of Wax was a great way for movie producers to test Paris Hilton’s box office draw. The movie was a big success and led to Hilton winning her first acting award. Although the Teen Choice Award for Best Scream may not be quiet up to par with an Academy Award, this accolade only added to the marketability of Paris Hilton. The last two years has seen Paris Hilton accepting only starring roles. She was a producer and the main star of the 2006 comedy, National Lampoon’s Pledge This. Showcasing a canny that many celebrities do not have, Paris Hilton played on the public perception of being a spoilt brat by playing the villain role. Her turn as bratty sorority leader, Victoria English, showed that Hilton was more than able to laugh at her public image. She also co-starred in the romantic comedy, Bottom’s Up. Although these movies weren’t even released in the cinema, Hilton currently has big hopes with her upcoming starring role in the future classic, The Hottie and the Nottie. Despite her attractive looks and her celebrity star power, Paris Hilton’s acting career seems to be stalling for the same reason why her acting career even started – her partying lifestyle. Unlike her other ventures, acting is a profession that demands a lot of their stars – 16 hour workdays, numerous takes, it all takes quiet a bit of discipline. As news have leaked out about the difficulty of filming a movie with Paris Hilton, there are many people who wonder if Paris Hilton’s acting career can truly be a success.