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Paris Hilton – The Simple Life and other TV adventures with Paris Hilton

There are certain things today that are a given. You can expect the weather forecast to be wrong, you can expect the government to tax your money, and you know in some way Paris Hilton is going to end up in the news in some manner. It almost seems like it’s a law for Paris Hilton to do something to end up in the tabloids. However, there was a time just a few years ago where few people knew who was Paris Hilton was. Whether you think that was a better time or not, you have to give credit to Paris Hilton for becoming the massive media presence that she has become in recent years. To learn more about Paris Hilton’s career, you can check out the articles Paris Hilton Actress and Paris Hilton Singer. The last time that we left off in examining the career of Paris Hilton was in the article Paris Hilton Model. While her face may have been recognizable from her appearances in Guess and Tommy Hilfiger ads, Hilton was still a bit of a mystery at the time. Her partying exploits were well documented in New York tabloids and she was slowly gaining a national reputation. After all, documenting the life of a little known hotel heiress/model who loved to party is a story that is irresistible for most media outlets. Eventually, magazine articles started to pour in asking, “Who is Paris Hilton?” Despite the fact that many of these articles were slightly critical by discussing the extravagant exploits of this rich, young model, Hilton’s name started being known by people throughout the country. Her dating exploits with Sum 41 singer, Deryck Whibley, and Backstreet Boys crooner, Nick Carter, ensured many appearances on entertainment gossip shows. Whereas others would have attempted to change the public perception of being a spoiled, rich party girl, Hilton decided to capitalize on the perception. Teaming up with childhood friend, Nicole Richie (daughter of “Hello” crooner Lionel Richie), Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie crafted a reality TV show with Fox television that lampooned their image. Playing up their images of spoiled rich girls, Hilton and Richie teamed up in “The Simple Life.” The show had a simple fish out of water premise. The opening sequence was of Hilton and Richie having a goodbye party at Paris Hilton’s father’s mansion in Beverly Hills before embarking on a new life in Altus, Arkansas where they had to help the Leding family without their cellphones and credit cards. The amazing thing about The Simple Life has been its staying power. Although the release of the paris hilton sex tape just prior to the first episode of The Simple Life led to an increased audience for the show, The Simple Life has managed to last for several seasons. Besides launching Paris Hilton as an admired/reviled celebrity, The Simple Life has also turned Nicole Richie into a celebrity in her own right. Of course, Richie’s well documented struggle with her weight (hint – she isn’t fat) has contributed to Richie’s place in Hollywood tabloids. The first season of The Simple Life was based on a simple fish out of water idea. TV executives at Fox claim to have gotten their inspiration from the classic 1960s sitcom, “Green Acres.” The show featured some classic moments such as showing Paris Hilton’s discovering Wal-Mart and Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton flirting with local farm boys. Although The Simple Life would launch Nicole Richie onto the A list, viewers of the show couldn’t help but notice that the main focus was on Paris Hilton. This was further reinforced by the frequent use of the tribute song, “Miss Hilton” that was performed by The Penfifteen Club during the show. As the first season of The Simple Life wrapped up, Fox was delighted with the ratings and the country seemed to be fascinated by learning more about the lives of these nascent stars. For a show with such a seemingly flimsy premise, The Simple Life has been amazingly resilient. The second season of the hit reality TV show added a new twist. The cameras followed Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie as they embarked on a road trip across the United States in a pink bus. A third season took place in which Hilton and Richie remained in the American east coast interning for companies. By this point in time, the country had become all too familiar with the antics of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Even people who weren’t interested in celebrity culture seemed to be aware of the romantic dalliances of Paris Hilton and also Nicole Richie’s battle with her tiny weight. The third edition of The Simple Life had significantly lower ratings than the previous two seasons. By this point, Fox Television decided to cut its ties with the formerly successful reality show. Fortunately for Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, smaller television stations were finding their biggest ratings with celebrity driven reality TV shows. The fourth season of The Simple Life was broadcast on the E! Network. Although the ratings for the third season of The Simple Life led to Fox’s decision to cancel the show, the E! Network realized that such low ratings on a big network would be huge ratings for their small channel. Inspired by popular TV shows at the time like Wife Swap and Family Swap, the E! Network decided to add a truly bizarre twist to The Simple Life. Entitled The Simple Life: Wife Swap, the fourth season of the show essentially played more like a game show than a documentary style reality TV show. For this season, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie remained in the Los Angeles region and had access to credit cards and the other things that they were used to living with. The fourth season of The Simple Life showed the two playing the role of a wife for a family at different times. The end of each show would give the participating family a chance to decide which of the two played the role of wife the best. Although pretty gimmicky, this season of The Simple Life also delved more into the personal lives of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Friends and families made frequent cameos and the show showcased these two growing stars dealing with the intense heights of their celebrity. The fourth season of The Simple Life was also notable due to tabloid reports of the crumbling relationship between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. In fact, the show ended with the two about to have a big confrontation and ended with a To Be Continued tease. However, this was an optimistic view from the E! Network. Paris Hilton’s and Nicole Richie’s falling out became big news and The Simple Life stopped airing. Just a few months ago, the two former BFFs (Best Friends Forever) reconciled and continued to film the next installment of The Simple Life. This fifth season follows the pair in a more conventional take on The Simple Life, as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie act as camp counselors for a number of different camps. With the craziness that has fallen in these two shooting stars’ lives, you can expect it to be a big hit!