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Rhinoplasty - Is a new nose the right way to go?

Rhinoplasty We live in a world that scrutinizes the way that we look with each day. Celebrities pop up in magazines with their surgically enhanced bodies and it’s hard to avoid seeing ridiculously beautiful people on TV, the big screen, magazines, and on billboards. Unfortunately, there are very ways that we can change the quirks of our appearances without resorting to plastic surgery. This is particularly true of our noses. While many people will insist that working out and eating right is the path to reshaping our bodies, there are very little exercises or methods to organically change the way that our noses look. It might seem silly to obsess over how our noses look but let’s face it – the way that our faces naturally look can sometimes hinder our true happiness. For that reason, many people are turning to rhinoplasty as the way to obtain that perfect face that they’ve always envisioned. Also known as a nose job, rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery treatment that is used to reshape a patient’s nose. The word rhinoplasty is based around the Greek words for nose (rhinos) and to shape (plastikos). It is one of the most popular plastic surgery treatments and can create a number of changes. When undergoing rhinoplasty, a patient is able to reduce the size of their nose, increase the size of their nose, narrow the span of the nostrils, change the shape of the tip of their nose, change the shape of the bridge of their nose, or even change the angle between their nose and their upper lip. In some cases, rhinoplasty can be considered reconstructive surgery – particularly when it is being used as a way to correct a birth defect or to solve breathing problems. While a rhinoplasty can alter the way that you look, it is important for patients to understand that it won’t necessarily alter the way that you feel about yourself. Plastic surgery treatments such as rhinoplasty are a serious decision and it is highly recommended that you take the proper amount of time to consider whether it is right for you. Plastic surgeons all agree that the perfect candidate for rhinoplasty is a patient that is looking for improvement in the way that they look but do not expect perfection. Although many people view plastic surgery techniques like rhinoplasty to be a part of modern times, rhinoplasty actually dates back to the times of ancient India. The famous physician and “father of plastic surgery,” Sushruta developed the technique. Now rhinoplasty is a fantastic way to change the way that you look and one of the most popular plastic surgery treatments today. Rhinoplasty Surgery: Are you the right candidate? Before we examine the details of rhinoplasty surgery including rhinoplasty cost and rhinoplasty pictures, we will first examine who is the right candidate for rhinoplasty. Much like other plastic surgery treatments, rhinoplasty has its own set of risks and potential complications. It is absolutely imperative that you discuss your expectations and obtain a full understanding of these risks when you talk with a plastic surgeon. A good plastic surgeon will take the time to thoroughly answer all of your questions and will not pressure you one way or another into making a rash decision. Additionally, when you are consulting with a plastic surgeon, they should explain their techniques and the anesthesia that they will use. Your conversation should also involve an explanation of where the rhinoplasty treatment will be performed and actual rhinoplasty costs. It is important to note that most insurance policies will not cover rhinoplasty cost if it is solely being performed for cosmetic surgery purposes. However, in cases where rhinoplasty is obtained to correct a breathing problem or a nasal deformity, there is a good chance that your insurance will cover at least some (if not all) of the rhinoplasty cost. You should try to obtain pre-authorization from your insurance company as a way to cover rhinoplasty cost. In many cases, children are the ones that most want to obtain rhinoplasty. Although this may sound like a terrible thing, it’s understandable considering how much more appearances matter to you when you are in your youth. Whether it is for cosmetic surgery reasons or plastic surgery reasons, young rhinoplasty patients and their parents should follow this advice. Typically, it is recommended that girls should be at least 13 years old before they undergo treatment. Boys, on the other hand, should at least be 15 years of age before they undergo rhinoplasty. This is because a person’s growth spurt will affect the results of rhinoplasty surgery. Of course, in instances where reconstructive surgery is needed, there are exceptions. Rhinoplasty Surgery The amount of innovation that has taken place within the rhinoplasty surgery world has been amazing. In most cases, rhinoplasty surgery will take between one and two hours to complete. Of course, this all depends on the extent of work that needs to be taken place and the particular work that is being done. Rhinoplasty surgery can be conducted in a number of places. It is usually performed at either: an office-based facility, a hospital, or an outpatient surgery center. During rhinoplasty surgery, your plastic surgeon will apply local anesthesia that will make you feel lightly sedated. The reason for this is it will numb your nose and the surrounding areas. Additionally, the application of anesthesia ensures that the patient will feel relaxed and insensitive to pain. During rhinoplasty surgery, the plastic surgeon will separate the skin of the patient’s nose from the supporting framework of bone and cartilage. This allows the plastic surgeon to sculpt the shape of the nose in the way that the patient and plastic surgeon have agreed upon. Although rhinoplasty is considered a safe cosmetic surgery treatment, you can expect to take a few days to recover. Typically, the plastic surgeon will apply a splint on the patient’s nose to provide support to the new nasal shape. Rhinoplasty patients have found that within the first twenty four hours they will feel a puffy face, an aching nose, and a headache. Although an uncomfortable experience, the rhinoplasty patient will find that they will be able to return to their normal lives within a week. In some cases, small burst blood vessels may appear on the skin’s surface. However, this is just a minor setback to rhinoplasty treatment. In cases, individuals undergo rhinoplasty surgery in order to improve or repair a previous rhinoplasty treatment. Also known as revision rhinoplasty, this surgical treatment tends to take a little bit longer to perform than a normal rhinoplasty treatment. In other instances, patients have undergone rhinoplasty surgery in conjunction with other cosmetic surgery treatments such as chin augmentation. Although these treatments will take longer, they do not result in additional risks. Rhinoplasty Risks While rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery treatments today, it carries with it a certain amount of risks. However, studies have shown that significant problems that result from rhinoplasty surgery are few and far between. Still it is to your advantage to discuss the potential risks and complications that can be caused by rhinoplasty with your plastic surgeon. One of the most fascinating things about rhinoplasty is that it can result in problems that are unique to plastic surgery of the nose. Some problems can include problems with nasal breathing, minor deformities or asymmetries, bleeding and infection from surgery, and scarring. However, it is important to remember that all surgical procedures carry their own sets of risks. Considering how prevalent rhinoplasty is today, it is a testament to the plastic surgery field to see how small these risks have become.