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No Income Verification - Get a Mortgage Without Revealing Your Income

More and more people recognize that owning real estate is a great investment. Real Estate Investing offers the benefits of allowing individuals to have a home to live in that will simply appreciate in value based on escalating housing prices. However, in order to buy a home for sale, a prospective homebuyer has to obtain a mortgage.  While there are more and more mortgage plans that are designed to assist people in some way or another, there is one mortgage that is perfect for the person that doesn’t want to divulge their income – a no income verification loan. No income verification loans should not be confused as a no credit loan or a bad credit loan. While a potential borrower does not have to submit the documents required to confirm their income, it is still a difficult mortgage loan to obtain. Generally, home mortgage lenders are weary of giving no income verification loans to individuals who do not carefully pay their bills every month. Rather no income verification loans generally appeal to those individuals who have complicated tax returns due to being self-employed. Although a homebuyer has to state their income when applying for a no income verification loan, they are not required to submit paystubs, W-2’s, tax returns, or bank statements to verify their income level. However, they are required to verify how long they have been employed for. There are a number of advantages to obtaining a no income verification loan. As it is the loan that requires the least documentation, the biggest benefit of an income verification loan is that you save yourself a lot of time and trouble from having to provide the documentation to confirm your income. While this saves a homebuyer a lot of complication, there are some drawbacks to obtaining a no income verification home loan. As you can expect, home mortgage lenders are willing to offer no income verification loans but not without some way to protect their investment. As a result, no income verification home loans tend to have a higher mortgage interest rate than other loans. However, it is possible to guard against this – by making a bigger down payment. By putting down a large down payment, you will reduce the amount of money you need to borrow from your no income verification loan. Additionally, a large down payment reduces the risk to the home mortgage lender, which will offset the cost of the no income verification home mortgage loan. Like other mortgages, it is important to know that there are a lot of home mortgage loan lenders available that are offering no income verification home mortgage loans. Make sure to look at the interest rates that lenders are offering and you will find the best deal for you!