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Bon Jovi

The next time one of the bon jovi tour dates includes a stop in your town, buy yourself a bon jovi concert ticket, go to the bon jovi concert, and take a look at the audience. You’ll find the crowd divided into three main groups: couples, shrieking girlfriends of a variety of ages, and mothers and daughters. You’ll also notice that just about every member of the audience seems to know all of the bon jovi lyrics by heart, and no matter what their age or gender, they’ll be singing along to these bon jovi lyrics at the top of their lungs. As the diversity of the audience at a bon jovi show suggests, it seems that just about everyone loves bon jovi. Since their early days back in the 1980s, when they exploded onto the rock scene with songs like Living on a Prayer, Bon Jovi have been one of those groups that everyone seems to agree on. And it’s no wonder why. The lead singer, jon bon jovi (sometimes mistakenly referred to as john bon jovi) is the epitome of charisma.
The new bon jovi songs are just as fun as the old ones. And, with such diverse bon jovi lyrics, there’s a song for everyone no matter what mood you’re in. Whether you’re dancing the night away at a nightclub, or in your bedroom crying over a breakup, chances are, there’s a set of bon jovi lyrics that fit your mood. Bon Jovi fans are always hoping for a look at the bon jovi biography, but it’s not all that easy to find. It’s a well-known fact that jon bon jovi (aka john bon jovi) is a private guy. For example, you’d be hard-pressed to find a photo of him parading his four children down a red carpet; jon bon jovi keeps home life at home. He’s even gone so far as to criticize celebs like Michael Jackson, who quite literally dangle their kids in front of cameras, sometimes even off balconies. However, what we do know about jon bon jovi is this: jon bon jovi began playing piano and the guitar around the age of thirteen. At sixteen, jon bon jovi met David Bryan, and the two formed a cover band together. They were good enough to play at clubs in their native New Jersey in spite of the fact that they were underage. After high school, jon bon jovi worked in a shoe store and made demo tapes. Luckily, he had a cousin in the music industry who gave him some good advice.
An early Bon Jovi hit, Runaway, made its way onto a compilation tape, and soon music higher-ups were scrambling to sign the hot young artist. Not wanting to go solo, jon bon jovi quickly called up David Bryan and a few others, and the group bon jovi was born. Bon Jovi music was a staple of radio airplay in the 1980s. Their most famous song remains Living on a Prayer, a heart-wrenching but hopeful tale of young Tommy and Gina, and their working-class struggle to make ends meet.
However, bon jovi had countless other hits, including You Give Love a Bad Name, Bad Medicine, I’ll Be There for You, Blaze of Glory, and Dead or Alive. Each of these songs demonstrated the pithy bon jovi lyrics that the band would become famous for. Even though jon bon jovi is the group’s lovable and dynamic frontman, guitarist Richie Sambora also gets a fair bit of attention. Back in the group’s early days, Richie Sambora approached jon bon jovi (which should not be spelled john bon jovi) and pretty much asked to join the band. Impressed by his knowledge of the music, jon bon jovi took him on, and Richie Sambora became the Bon Jovi guitarist. Unlike jon bon jovi, Richie Sambora doesn’t shy away from tabloid headlines.
In recent years, he’s been all over the online gossip columns for his romances with Heather Locklear, Denise Richards, and his rehab stint. Interestingly, Denise Richards may be the one person in the world who isn’t a fan of Bon Jovi—at least not of jon bon jovi. One of the rare occasions when jon bon jovi made the gossip columns was when rumour leaked that he didn’t like the actress and wanted her nowhere near the group while on tour. The first two albums of bon jovi were pretty forgettable. However, it seems that from album number three, the albums of bon jovi have been bestsellers—and classic bestsellers, at that. After all, bon jovi lyrics are the kind of lyrics you heard your cousin singing to in the eighties, sang along to yourself in the nineties and will probably teach your own kids to sing in the 2000s. Of the albums of bon jovi, some of the most notable have been Slippery When Wet, which spawned the classic Living on a Prayer; New Jersey, which included the soul-stirring forgive-me anthem I’ll Be There For You; and Cross Road. The latter came out in 1994, featured a new version of Living on a Prayer, and won bon jovi a whole new generation of fans. The bon jovi bounce album is another of the notable albums of bon jovi. This 2002 release included the hit single Everyday. The band also has a spot in the UK Music Hall of Fame.
At least part of the band’s success can be attributed to the fact that their lead singer, jon Bon Jovi, is both irresistibly sexy and, it seems, a pretty nice guy. He married his high school sweetheart, had four children with her, and has kept his entire family safe from the media fangs. His name is sometimes mistakenly written as John Bon Jovi, but actually, if you want to get technical, it’s John Bongiovi. He changed it to Jon Bon Jovi because he wanted a group name for his band. A PolyGram exec came up with Bon Jovi. When he’s not recording new hits or belting out old ones, jon bon jovi is also known for his charity work. He’s done work for numerous charities, including the Red Cross and the Special Olympics. He’s also the Founding Ambassador of the Habitat for Humanity Ambassador program. So go on, stop reading and do what you really want to do: search for upcoming bon jovi tour dates.