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Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo is best known to television audiences as Meredith Grey from the hit show Grays Anatomy. On grays anatomy, ellen pompeo plays the title character, who is constantly involved in personal, professional, and family drama. Ellen Pompeo has had other notable roles before Grays Anatomy, such as playing the romantic lead in Old School. But it was not until grays anatomy that ellen pompeo became a major star. Grays Anatomy has been a major success and the role Ellen Pompeo plays on the show has a lot to do with this success. Ellen Pompeo does a great job playing Meredith, an intern who comes from a messed up family and jumps into bed with men too quickly. Much of the drama of the first season of grays anatomy revolves around the ellen pompeo character sleeping with Dr. McDreamy and then finding out he is actually her boss. Ellen Pompeo does a great job playing a woman who is very obviously not perfect but still charming and smart with ambition.
The first season of Grays Anatomy introduced us to ellen pompeo as an emotionally guarded character whose only release from the drama of her private life is her career. Career and private life always collide in grays anatomy, however, and soon enough the ellen pompeo character realizes her sex life has merged with her professional life. Patrick Dempsey as Dr. McDreamy persistently woos Ellen Pompeo as Meredith and eventually wears her down. For the rest of the first season of Grays Anatomy, the ellen pompeo character learns about how to let go and give in to friendships and to love. Ellen Pompeo has great comic timing, as well as a charm and beauty that is very distinct and hard to define. This quirky grace of ellen pompeo has made her character on grays anatomy much more relatable. In the first season finale of Grays Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo learns that D. McDreamy is not quite what he seems when his wife shows up at the hospital. The first season finale of grays anatomy was so suspenseful; people could not wait to see what would happen to Ellen Pompeo in season two. Season two of Grays Anatomy brought even more ellen pompeo and Patrick Dempsey drama when Dr.
McDreamy has to choose between working things out with his adulterous wife or staying with his new girlfriend. Unfortunately for the Ellen Pompeo character, McDreamy decides to be the guy who sticks with his wife. The rest of the season sees ellen pompeo trying to deal with the devastating grays anatomy break-up. Ellen Pompeo does a great job portraying a character who is really hurting but also trying to build back up her hard shell. Eventually, after going through a promiscuous stage, the ellen pompeo character meets a vet played by Chris O’Donnell. Finally the Ellen Pompeo character is dating a good, stable guy but what would Grays Anatomy be without the drama? Season two of grays anatomy ends with a shocker when the characters played by Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey sleep together at the hospital. Season three of grays anatomy starts with the ellen pompeo character taking control of her life. Ellen Pompeo requests to just date the two men that are interested in her and the grays anatomy boys have to prove themelves to her. Fans cheered for ellen pompeo. In the past seasons of Grays Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo’s character got pretty emotionally beaten up and to see ellen pompeo take back control of the show was a relief. Of course, ellen pompeo does choose Derek Sheppard and these two grays anatomy characters share some brief happiness before the season turns. The rest of season three of grays anatomy hardly focuses on the romance between the Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey characters. Rather, it gives ellen pompeo a chance to do some very emotional acting as Meredith’s mother dies and soon so does her stepmother.
The family drama on Grays Anatomy filled the last few episodes for the Ellen Pompeo character. But the major shock was the season finale of grays anatomy when ellen pompeo breaks up with Derek and just seems completely defeated. Fans of Grays Anatomy are now wondering what will happen to Ellen Pompeo next season. All of the grays anatomy characters were left fairly devastated at the end of season three and now people are wondering what will happen to the ellen pompeo character next. Ellen Pompeo in real life is actually about to marry her long time boyfriend, record producer Chris Ivery, in the break between seasons of Grays Anatomy. Outside grays anatomy, ellen pompeo is a pretty private person. Ellen Pompeo has done many talk show interviews about Grays Anatomy where she has stated that one of the best parts of working on grays anatomy is getting to wear a really comfortable costume with the scrubs. Ellen Pompeo has really come into celebrity with grays anatomy. Yet still, ellen pompeo comes off as a really down to earth person in Grays Anatomy interviews and it does not seem like the grays anatomy mania has gone to her head. Ellen Pompeo is looking forward to a private wedding with her fiance and a quiet life. In the tabloids, ellen pompeo is often called anorexic because the Grays Anatomy star has such a tiny build. But Ellen Pompeo swears she is healthy and that she is her normal weight. Other than weight issues, ellen pompeo does not often appear in the tabloids. There is something catlike about the features of Ellen Pompeo that makes her beautiful in an un-conventional way. Ellen Pompeo certainly does not look like anyone else on television. The Grays Anatomy star also looks much younger than thirty-seven. On grays anatomy, ellen pompeo is playing an intern in her twenties. To look that good for thirty-seven, ellen pompeo must be doing something right. Ellen Pompeo has become a television celebrity over the past few years. It will be interesting to see if ellen pompeo can break away from Grays Anatomy and perhaps make more films.