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David Letterman

David Letterman has been the host of the late show with david letterman since 1993. Before the Late Show, david letterman hosted Late Night With David Letterman on NBC. Conan O’Brien took over that david letterman show and david letterman moved to CBS and an earlier time slot with the Late Show. While the late show with david letterman really made David Letterman famous, even before the Late Show david letterman was known as a comedian and comedy writer. The late show with david letterman has proved very successful, even competing against NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Next year the late show with david letterman will have to compete against Conan O’Brien’s Late Show taking over the Jay Leno spot. It will be interesting to see if the late show with david letterman can actually hold up against Conan O’Brien, as Conan keeps attracting the younger crowd whereas David Letterman does not really appeal to younger viewers. Most of the audience of the david letterman show seems to have grown up with the late show with david letterman since the 1980s.
David Letterman began his career as a comedy writer and comedian in Los Angeles. David Letterman even did guest spots on sitcoms and stand-up comedy routines. David Letterman was also a recurring favourite of Johnny Carson. When Johnny Carson announced his retirement, it was rumoured that david letterman would be his replacement. But instead, Jay Leno took over and David Letterman ended up hosting the late show with david letterman on CBS. David Letterman left NBC because they did not appreciate him. On both networks the david letterman Late Show was successful. After david letterman started the late show with david letterman on CBS, he forever had a bit of a feud with Jay Leno. David Letterman has been known to often put down Jay Leno. It may be interesting to see if david letterman can do the same thing with Conan. Conan probably is not that much competition for david letterman, however, as Conan has his own very loyal audience. As a talk show host with the late night with david letterman, David Letterman sure has gained a reputation. When david letterman was doing his first Late Show for NBC in the 1980s, he was very popular with the college kids. Back then what David Letterman was doing was new and original. The late show with david letterman not only had guests but had quirky sketches and random segments inserted into the show. David Letterman was also known for harassing and antagonizing his Late Show guests. This teasing of his guests made the late show with david letterman stand apart. David Letterman would also go through the NBC building and interrupt and sabotage other shows as a sketch.
Now these david letterman antics seem commonplace. The Late Show seems to have influenced other late night shows like Conan. One of the most popular segments on the late show with david letterman has always been the letterman top10. The letterman top10 appears at the beginning of every show. David Letterman has been doing the letterman top10 since his first Late Show on NBC. The letterman top10 was an immediate fan favourite. The letterman top10 sets out to list the top 10 of something that may be a topical joke of the week. For example, a letterman top10 of two years ago may have been the letterman top10 reasons not to let your kids go to Michael Jackson’s house. There has also been a letterman top10 of the top 10 places to have sex on college campuses. The letterman top10 is always humorous and sometimes the actual result of a survey, sometimes not. After david letterman started doing the letterman top10 on the late show with david letterman the idea really caught on. Many newspapers and magazines reprint the letterman top10 from the night before, as well as sometimes making up a letterman top10 of their own. Fans of the late show with david letterman might like to go see the Late Show live. If you want to see the late show with david letterman, you will need david letterman tickets. The Late Show is filmed at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York so before you get david letterman tickets, make sure you can be in New York to see David Letterman that day. It is actually difficult to get david letterman tickets. Rather than just going to a website and ordering david letterman tickets, you have to go through a long process. The david letterman tickets are free but the late show with david letterman wants to make sure they have real David Letterman fans in the audience.
In order to make sure real David Letterman fans get the david letterman tickets, you are required to phone in and answer late show with david letterman skill testing questions. If you can answer the Late Show trivia questions then you have a chance at getting david letterman tickets. If you want david letterman tickets you should plan far in advance, however, as the late show with david letterman is a hot tourist show in New York. The problem with the late show with david letterman is that David Letterman no longer seems relevant to young audiences. The Late Show audience numbers are dwindling and David Letterman is getting older and kind of stale. The david letterman style of Late Show has certainly been influential but David Letterman will not last much longer. Thankfully shows like late night with david letterman have paved the way for shows like Conan O’Brien but the original college audience of david letterman has all grown up and have become less faithful to their original Late Show. The younger generation is more interested in watching someone more youthful and fun than David Letterman. The late show with david letterman certainly had a good run but it probably will not last for longer than a few more seasons. David Letterman has played a huge part in reforming late night television, however, and the late show with david letterman will always have that legacy.