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Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul has had a long career in the music industry but is probably best to known to younger audiences as one of the judges on American Idol. The biography of paula abdul is interesting, as it traces the career of paula abdul from dancer paula abdul to Paula Abdul the singer, to Paula Abdul the american idol judge. Paula Abdul has often been the centre of gossip and controversy in the tabloids. The paula abdul gallery of photos across the years has been used to show her alleged plastic surgeries. When paula abdul became a judge on american idol, many fans of paula abdul songs were happy to see her back from her career slump. Paula Abdul has secured her place as a television personality with American Idol. It will be interesting to see what will happen to the career of paula abdul once american idol ends, however. Unlike Simon Cowell, paula abdul has not taken on executive producer roles and has yet to create the Paula Abdul franchise the other American Idol judges have been working on. In the biography of paula abdul, the dancer paula abdul began developing when Paula Abdul was about eight. The dancer paula abdul showed a lot of natural talent. The dancer paula abdul quickly moved her natural talent into cheerleading. According to the biography of paula abdul, the dancer paula abdul cheered all through high school. A very famous point in the biography of paula abdul is when the dancer paula abdul became a Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader. The dancer paula abdul quickly became the head Lakers cheerleader. Soon the dancer paula abdul became the choreographer for the cheerleading squad. The dancer paula abdul actually became one of the biggest parts of the celebrity identity of Paula Abdul. The dancer paula abdul also choreographed many dances for movies and soon music videos. It was the dancer paula abdul that allowed paula abdul songs to even be created. The biography of paula abdul continues to be filled with different dances the dancer paula abdul created for mass mediums. If it were not for the dancer paula abdul, paula abdul songs would never have been produced. Fans of paula abdul songs learn from the biography of paula abdul that Paula Abdul produced her first album with money she saved from dance. Among the paula abdul songs that appeared on the first Paula Abdul album was paula abdul straight up. The popularity of paula abdul straight up may owe something to the dancer paula abdul in the music video. Many fans want to know the lyrics to paula abdul straight up. The lyrics for paula abdul straight up are available on many lyric websites. If you are looking for the lyrics of paula abdul straight up, check a lyrics website by searching paula abdul straight up. Many other paula abdul songs may be found online, through sites like iTunes. If you are a fan of paula abdul songs, you will probably be looking mostly at the first and the second Paula Abdul albums. Paula Abdul has also been discussed in terms of her look. If you want to see how american idol judge paula abdul has looked over her career, check out a paula abdul gallery. It is easy to find a paula abdul gallery online. A paula abdul gallery will probably have pictures from when Paula Abdul was a Lakers girl. Right now, a paula abdul gallery will also have many Paula Abdul pictures from American Idol. On the American Idol website there may even be a paula abdul gallery. The press has often criticized the looks of Paula Abdul seen in the paula abdul gallery. This may be because some of the paula abdul gallery may include pictures of Paula Abdul when she was bulimic. The biography of paula abdul claims that paula abdul was bulimic through most of her early career, including when she was the dancer paula abdul. According to the biography of paula abdul, Paula Abdul states that she is now rehabilitated. When paula abdul was asked to be one of the judges on american idol, she jumped at the chance to renew her career. The paula abdul songs had not been going very well in the past ten years. American Idol gave paula abdul a chance to stay in the music business and help out young talent. On american idol, Paula Abdul is seen as the nice judge. Paula Abdul is pretty much seen as the antithesis of Simon Cowell. As the nice American Idol judge, paula abdul offers a lot of praise and emotional support for american idol contestants. Many American Idol contestants seem to really need the support Paula Abdul offers after Simon Cowell has put them down. A popular poll, however, showed that many american idol viewers do not think the criticism Paula Abdul offers is very useful. According to a biography of paula abdul, Paula Abdul was also accused of having a fling with an American Idol contestant and coaching him through the show. The biography of paula abdul is filled with many pitfalls. Paula Abdul was married twice, once to Emilio Estevez and once to designer Brad Beckerman. Now paula abdul claims she is in a happy relationship. American Idol seems to have saved the career of Paula Abdul, though the dancer paula abdul has always found work. After fighting bulimia, paula abdul works with foundations that fight eating disorders. The biography of paula abdul and the paula abdul gallery show the progression of a young star in the 1980s and 1990s to Paula Abdul the American Idol judge today. While paula abdul songs like paula abdul straight up are not really in demand, paula abdul is still popular as an american idol judge. As an American Idol judge, paula abdul is able to continue to work in the music industry and offer support to young talent. Paula Abdul was once in the same shoes as the American Idol contestants so it makes sense that paula abdul would be the sympathetic american idol judge.