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Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson is one of the three judges of American Idol, along with Simon Cowell  and Paula Abdul. Unlike Simon, who is known as the mean one, and Paula, who is known as the nice one, randy jackson is known as the middle judge on american idol. Randy Jackson is also known as the American Idol judge who uses street slang in his critiques. For example, randy jackson is known to call american idol contestants and other judges “dawg”. Randy Jackson did not become a popular figure to the general population until American Idol. Yet before american idol, randy jackson was very well known and respected in the music business. Randy Jackson has been in the music business since he was a teenager. Randy Jackson plays the bass guitar and has played back up for many popular bands and singers. In his pre American Idol career, randy jackson has been both a musician and a music executive. This music experience has qualified Randy Jackson to be a judge on american idol. While audiences knew of Paula Abdul because of her pop music in the 1980s and Simon Cowell because of his celebrity personality, few people knew the name of randy jackson before American Idol. Randy Jackson grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Early on, randy jackson learned how to play the bass guitar. Randy Jackson spent most of his career as a bass guitarist for various bands. Randy Jackson played for Journey for three years. Besides being part of a band, randy jackson has also toured with such well-known musicians as Bob Dylan, Maria Carey, Aretha Franklin, and Tracy Chapman. Randy Jackson is a well-respected musician and this musical experience has taught him how to critique for American Idol. Another big part of the career of randy jackson has been his experience as a music executive. Before american idol, Randy Jackson worked as a vice-president of A&R for Columbia and MCA. As a music executive, randy jackson has often had to practice the kind of critiquing he does on American Idol. The credibility of Randy Jackson rests on his position in the music industry. While many american idol contestants feel like Simon Cowell is the judge to impress, randy jackson also holds a lot of influence over their careers. As a vice-president of A&R, Randy Jackson had to discover people just like these American Idol contestants and help build their careers. Randy Jackson has a lot of experience in the field of pop music. While he may not be the most well known American Idol judge, randy jackson still has a strong voice in the music industry. The criticism offered by Randy Jackson is worth listening to. People have been less concerned with the personal life of randy jackson than they have of the other american idol judges. The personal life of Randy Jackson is kept pretty quiet. Randy Jackson has been married twice and divorced once. From these marriages, randy jackson has three children. In 2003, Randy Jackson had gastric bypass surgery. When American Idol first began, randy jackson was one hundred pounds more obese than he is today. This move by Randy Jackson to curb his obesity was not just for american idol but also for his own health. Recently randy jackson has also written a book about his life in the music industry. Randy Jackson felt it was necessary to publish a book not just about his time as a judge on American Idol but also as a guide for people aspiring to enter the music industry. What’s Up Dawg? How to Become a Superstar in the Music Business by randy jackson talks about balancing a personal life and a career. The title of the book also uses the famous Randy Jackson slang popularized on American Idol. When american idol first hit television screens, most people wondered who randy jackson was. They thought maybe Randy Jackson was a musician or maybe a hip-hop producer. But randy jackson has actually worked on over one thousand gold to platinum records, both as a musician and an executive or producer. Randy Jackson is probably more qualified than Paula Abdul to critique American Idol contestants. Contestants on american idol look to the criticism offered by randy jackson for advice on their sound. While Simon often seems to be cruel for the sake of his television personality, randy jackson never seems to give the american idol contestants unduly harsh criticism. Paula Abdul often acts as the very supportive American Idol judge, offering fairly weak criticism. Randy Jackson acts as the realistic american idol judge. Randy Jackson will not go too easy on the American Idol contestants who do not live up to american idol standards. On American Idol, randy jackson offers the middle of the road criticism, which is perhaps why he is the least popular judge. Without the strong TV personalities of the other american idol judges, Randy Jackson is not the most memorable, except for his slang and manner of speaking. Despite possibly being the least memorable judge, randy jackson is still a huge success story. A very successful and talented young musician, Randy Jackson had a respectable music career but was out of the spotlight of popular audiences. With his work for Columbia and MCA, randy jackson asserted his power over the music industry. But it was American Idol that cinched Randy Jackson’s nationwide and worldwide popularity. As an american idol judge, randy jackson has been able to bring his years of music business experience to popular audiences and hopeful American Idol contestants. Randy Jackson has retained control over popular music through the american idol forum. The amount of power American Idol actually has over what audiences hear on the radio and see on TV is actually pretty great. The american idol judges, including randy jackson, became overnight celebrities, this time not as musicians but as television personalities. While each American Idol judge brings different talents in the music business to the table, Randy Jackson perhaps brings the medium criticism because like Paula, randy jackson has been a performer and like Simon, Randy Jackson has been a music industry executive.