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Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria, the star of desperate housewives and past star of young and the restless, has become one of the most popular actresses on TV today. The actress has been known as sexy eva longoria and voted one of the sexiest women of all time by many men’s magazines, including Maxim. One of the most hyped weddings of the summer was that of eva longoria and tony parker. Since 2005 eva longoria and tony parker have been dating. This past summer eva longoria and tony parker finally got married in Paris. Photographers love taking eva longoria and tony parker pictures, as eva longoria and tony parker make a gorgeous couple. In eva longoria and tony parker pictures, the couple always look happy and in love.
Eva Longoria has come a long way since growing up on a ranch in Texas. The actress eva longoria was discovered by a talent scout through a talent competition she entered out of college. Since that talent competition, eva longoria has never looked back as she rose quickly to fame. In the beginning of her career, the actress eva longoria appeared in many soap operas. The soap operas that featured sexy eva longoria include “Bold and the Beautiful”, “General Hospital”, and even “Beverly Hills 90210”. What got the actress eva longoria noticed was her starring role as Isabella on young and the restless. The soap young and the restless has been running since 1973 and has helped start the careers of many young actors including eva longoria. While the young and the restless started the career of the sexy eva longoria, it was not until recently that Eva Longoria became a household name. Until desperate housewives premiered, Eva Longoria was only known to daytime TV watchers who followed the young and the restless. It took the prime time satire desperate housewives to make the actress eva longoria into a true star. Since desperate housewives premiered, eva longoria has become a huge celebrity. On the prime time show desperate housewives, Eva Longoria plays Gabrielle Solis.
As Gabrielle, eva longoria acts as a spoiled housewife who goes through steamy affairs and turbulent times with her husband (now ex-husband) Carlos. Audiences most often see sexy eva longoria as Gabrielle. As Gaby, Eva Longoria plays a woman who used to be a model so there are many shots of sexy eva longoria in designer clothes and lingerie. If you search the Internet for the actress eva longoria, many video clips come up featuring sexy eva longoria in her underwear. As Gaby and Carlos have a passionate relationship, there are often shots of sexy eva longoria wearing very little. While sexy eva longoria may be the most popular with some audience members, Eva Longoria has proved to be relatable to female audiences as well. In the role of Gaby, the actress eva longoria has gone through many turbulent marital times and also lost a baby. When Gaby lost her baby, the actress eva longoria did a very convincing job playing the grieving mother. After falling down the stairs in a scene, Eva Longoria miscarries and must deal with the grief. A convict friend of Carlos comes to the house and helps eva longoria let go. The episode shows the actress eva longoria at her best. Eva Longoria can be sexy, funny, or touching. While eva longoria is the only star of desperate housewives not to be nominated for an Emmy, eva longoria is still a major talent in the cast. The other cast members of desperate housewives are older than Eva Longoria and there is still much time for eva longoria to get the recognition she deserves. In the next season of desperate housewives, eva longoria will have to deal with the consequences of kissing Carlos on her wedding day. In the last season of desperate housewives, Eva Longoria as Gaby realized her new husband Victor was using her as a political tool and fell into her ex-husband’s arms.
One of the hottest couples of the past few years has been eva longoria and tony parker. While many men were probably sad that the sexy eva longoria had been taken of the market, eva longoria and tony parker look like they could last. Though they split briefly last September, eva longoria and tony parker soon became engaged in November after rekindling their romance in Paris. This July, eva longoria and tony parker were married. A great looking couple, eva longoria and tony parker pictures have been splashed all over tabloids and magazines since the beginning of their relationship. After the wedding, eva longoria and tony parker pictures are still demand. Yet because the couple has so far been happy, eva longoria and tony parker pictures are not gracing the covers of tabloids that feed off of break-ups. Whatever the outcome, the eva longoria and tony parker pictures on the red carpet will always appear in fashion magazines, as eva longoria and tony parker are one of the best dressed couples. Since her beginnings on soap operas like the young and the restless, Eva Longoria has risen to fame and critical acclaim through the hit show desperate housewives.
Eva Longoria can probably credit her role on desperate housewives as making her career. If it were not for desperate housewives, eva longoria and tony parker may not have even come together. The sexy eva longoria and the actress eva longoria have found the perfect combination in the role of Gaby. While the sexy eva longoria will probably continue to grace the cover of many men’s magazines, the actress eva longoria will hopefully move on to even bigger roles. Last year Eva Longoria even co-starred in a movie, The Sentinel, with Kiefer Sutherland. There are probably many more movies and a few more seasons of desperate housewives in the actress eva longoria’s career. In the meantime, eva longoria and tony parker are enjoying married life and Eva Longoria is balancing her career as the actress eva longoria with her new happy personal life.