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Apple iPhone: The Phone of the Future?

Technology lovers and Apple fans in 1984 had plenty to hype about when Apple created a wave in the computer industry with their new Macintosh computer system. With the ipod that was introduced in 2001 the buzz was found within the music industry as Apple made another wave within technological society. Apple has since created several new versions of computers, laptops, and portable music devices but nothing substantial enough to make a huge ‘revolutionary’ wave like they have with the original Macintosh and ipod. Today, in 2007, Apple is once again ready to make that long awaited splash and buzz but this time, in the business of mobile phones.

Finally, after six years of idle and blasé waiting, Apple fans, music enthusiasts, and technology lovers alike may finally have something to be excited about this coming June, when the Apple iphone is set to hit the US market. The other thing fans may hype about is the price, which sits between $499 to $599 US, depending on the model. But, the price is just another pretty penny many people are probably willing to pitch out in return for a new toy loaded with unique features that can satisfy even the pickiest of people. The iPhone boasts to be a ‘revolutionary’ device that is sure to attract enthusiasts of music, mobile phones, and technology in general. Not only is the iPhone a phone, it is an iPod and web browser all rolled into one slick and attractive device that demands further attention.

The mobile phone has been around and the standard mobile phone today is packed with features, making the mobile phone diverse and multi-functional. Multi-functionality is not a problem for the iPhone, as it includes all of the standard features of any other mobile phone. That is, it can view pictures, movies, go online, take pictures, and play music. At this point, you may think, ‘what’s the hype with the iPhone if it has features like any other phone?’ What makes the iphone unique, and what is in part causing the hype and buzz is probably its sophisticated design and functionality.

Almost all mobile phones today feature the standard buttons on the front that are physically embedded within the phone, and above the buttons, there is the display. With the Apple iPhone, there is only one button on the front called the ‘home button.’ The magic comes along with its 3.5 inch, 160 pixels per inch resolution touch screen. The most convenient part is how the phone’s touch screen is activated and used with the fingers, not a stylus. This makes for an accurate and fast user interface, better than a device that requires a stylus or physical keys. With the touch screen, users are able to view their pictures with their fingers, zooming in, zooming out, rotating, and panning the screen. There is a touch keyboard display that can detect mistakes when there is a need to type, like when sending a text message. When playing music with the built in iPod, users are able to flick their fingers to scroll through their songs and just tap on the song they want to listen to. The phone also features a standard headset jack, volume control, and sleep/wake buttons along the sides of the 11.6 millimeter thick mobile device. Alas, if the interactive and dynamic touch screen display isn’t enough to attract even the most skeptical mobile phone buyer, then apple iphone offers other unique features bound to turn heads.

For all the photographers at heart, Apple’s iPhone is also equipped with a 2 mega pixel camera. Although not the best digital camera found on a phone, the iPhone does have a camera and it’s definitely ready for lights, camera, and action. For instance, take the hard drive space. When on the go, from the trigger happy paparazzi-to-be to the casual cell-phone photographer, the iphone offers plenty of space to store pictures; buyers can choose from a 4GB model ($499) or an 8GB model ($599). But of course, most users would probably want to devote the space to more than just the photos they snapped while on a weekend getaway or night out. To this end, users can fill their iphone hard drive with loads of media like music or movies which can be directly synced from their computer. So, users can take pictures and play around with a lot of storage space, that’s bound to turn some heads. But Apple has figured that part out too, so instead of making users turn their heads in awe, they can simply rotate their phones and watch in awe.

Apple has equipped the iPhone with sensors so the amazed can turn their phones and watch the phone’s display turn with the phone. This, is what Apple calls, ‘landscape mode,’ where turning the phone to the side will flip, say, a movie or photo horizontally. Better yet, when turning the phone horizontally while playing music, users enter a ‘cover flow’ mode, where you can slide through the various album covers for the artists you are listening to; this makes for fast and easy organizing. The turning sensor is not the only type of sensor Apple has slapped onto its power horse. Apple has also built-in an ‘ambient light’ sensor that detects the light settings around the user and adjusts the lighting on the phone accordingly. If those two sensors are not enough, Apple has added a third sensor that enables or disables the display screen depending on whether or not the phone is to the user’s ear. Sensors are all around the apple iphone to ensure an audio and visual treat for everyone.

What more can someone possibly ask for in a phone? Apple has answered that and enabled internet access with Safari web browser. The internet browser boasts to be the most advanced browser on cell phones to date, allowing users to freely surf the web. A Google maps system offers someone a bird’s eye view of around the world via satellite imaging – all in the palm of ones hand.  With all the hype and buzz on the Apple iPhone and its handy features, it’s easy to forget that the iPhone is a mobile phone, and its primary function is supposed to be telecommunications. Apple never lost sight of the phone aspect despite its impressive ‘side’ functions, and has again threw in some ‘revolutionary’ features regarding standard phone services. Most notably, visual voice mail is featured on the iphone, where users can look through a list of voice mails and choose which ones to listen to. The iphone is indeed set out to be an impressive device with potential to make big waves in the mobile phone industry.

Of course, with plenty of hype about the upcoming iPhone with touch screen display, internet, a built in iPod, a camera, generous hard drive, in addition to a loyal fan base, Apple is practically set for success. But then again, success can’t be fully enjoyed without a little friendly sharing with its sister competitor, Microsoft. This is to say that the iPhone is built to support not only Mac/Apple patrons but for Windows/Microsoft patrons as well. The Apple iPhone, while packed with various powerful features does have one major downside and that’s bad news for customers outside of US who may be all too eager to try the new toy. Availability is limited since the iPhone release date is set for a later time for consumers in Europe and Asia; late 2007 and 2008 respectively. The release date for the iPhone is set for June of 2007 for Americans, who will be getting first taste of the new technology.

With a brief look at some of the many features in the upcoming iPhone by Apple, it is easy to see how people can be attracted. The simple touch display is versatile, allowing users to quickly and accurately navigate their iphone’s many functions. With so many impressive functions, the iPhone has credible reason for technology lovers, music lovers, and mobile phone enthusiasts to investigate Apple’s latest technological display. Music lovers can rejoice with a new touch screen iPod equipped with plenty of space to cram all the music they need to have. Mobile phone enthusiasts and technology lovers can all take marvel at the touch screen, automatic sensors, and web surfing capabilities. With all the features the iPhone is set to have; a lot of the new device’s success may lie in the hands of its cell phone component and general cell phone performance – it being Apple’s entrance into the mobile phone industry. But of course, if its mobile phone capabilities flop, to those loyal Apple fans, or to those just curious, the Apple iPhone can simply be a new media player. There are plenty of consumers who can soon rejoice regardless of the outcome.