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Vietnam, a country with a turbulent past and a history of one-party governments, has become a popular travel destination in recent years with Western tourists wanting to explore Southeast Asia. When many people think of vietnam, they think of the vietnam war but in recent years Vietnam has started to market itself as a resort destination for those who wish to relax on the beaches of the IndoChina region. The economy of vietnam has grown in the recent years but Vietnam is still an impoverished country and many vietnamese live below the poverty line. Vietnam is an affordable travel destination for the backpacking tourist but vietnam also offers more luxurious vacations for those who can afford the resort style hotels located outside the vietnamese cities. If you decide to visit vietnam you will certainly see that the effects of the vietnam war continue to linger, especially in the lower income areas. The history of the Vietnam War remains in the memories of the vietnamese and Americans alike and a trip to vietnam can be an informative and interesting experience. The first step to take in planning your trip to Vietnam is booking your vietnam flight. If you are flying to Vietnam from a major international city, look into flying with vietnam airlines. While other local airlines may only make domestic vietnam flights, vietnam airlines flies domestic and international flights regularly. You may be able to find a discount on your Vietnam flight if you fly vietnam airlines. You cannot fly vietnam airlines from Canada but vietnam airlines does fly from most major cities in the United States and Asia, as well as a select few major cities in Europe. If you wish to book your vietnam airlines flight you can go about it in two ways. You could visit a travel agent and inform them that you are interested in flying vietnam airlines. You could also book your vietnam airlines flight directly online. To book your vietnam airlines flight this way, go directly to the vietnam airlines website. There are other ways to fly to Vietnam but vietnam airlines could offer you a good deal, depending on the season. For your trip to Vietnam you will also probably want to bring a Map of Vietnam. If you look at a Map of Vietnam, you will see that Cambodia to the West, Laos to the Northwest, China to the North, and the South China Sea to the East border vietnam. A Map of Vietnam will also show you the locations of the major vietnamese cities. A Map of Vietnam reveals the capital of vietnam, Hanoi, to be at the North end of Vietnam, just off the coast. You will want a detailed Map of Vietnam to get around vietnam if you are exploring outside the cities. You should look for a Map of Vietnam that recommends hotels and food for Western travelers, as you will want to be careful in some areas of vietnam. You can purchase a Map of Vietnam or a guidebook containing a Map of Vietnam online. You may also ask a travel agent, who may provide a Map of Vietnam for you. The Vietnam War is still a fairly fresh wound for both Americans and vietnamese. The vietnam war was fought on vietnamese soil and the casualties for both Americans and vietnamese were huge. The Vietnam War is well known as a very controversial war, as many people believe that the vietnam war should not have happened how it did. The Vietnam War ravaged the villages and countrysides of vietnam. The vietnam war was not a success for the Americans or the United States supported Republic of Vietnam. The Communist Party of vietnam made things even worse for rebels after the Vietnam War. Though vietnam still has a one-party system run by a Communist government, things have improved in Vietnam since the aftermath of the vietnam war. The Vietnam War ruined the lives of many vietnamese people, however, and the vietnam war will not soon be forgotten by either side. There is a very famous vietnam memorial in Washington D.C. to commemorate those Americans who gave their lives in the Vietnam War. The most famous part of the vietnam memorial is the vietnam veteran’s memorial wall. This vietnam memorial is a huge wall on which is written every name of every American soldier who died in the vietnam war. The vietnam memorial is controversial in itself. The design of the vietnam memorial upset some people so a second piece, a statue of three soldiers, was added to the vietnam memorial, followed by a third addition of a Vietnam Women’s Memorial. The vietnam memorial attracts visitors from all over the United States and hopes to avoid any commentary on the war. Still, the vietnam war and any vietnam memorial that reminds Americans about the war is bound to be controversial. If you visit Vietnam, you will realize there is much more to the country than just a turbulent history exemplified by the vietnam war. The vietnamese people are very welcoming to tourists and vietnamese food can be very tasty. Vietnam features beautiful beaches and a tropical climate suitable for an exotic getaway. Vietnam also offers a lot of cultural and historical sites, including some beautiful vietnamese temples. Vietnam is not the perfect vacation for everyone but for those who wish to travel to somewhere a little different and experience vietnamese culture, vietnam could be an ideal destination. Vietnam has grown economically and now major cities of vietnam feature business class hotels and globalized restaurants and shopping like most other international cities. Vietnam has grown since the 1980s when the vietnamese government allowed a free market economy. Vietnam does most of its trading with China, Japan, and the United States. But what most tourists want to see when they visit vietnam are the beaches and the seaside villages that have put Vietnam on the map as a new tourist hot spot. As long as you are safe and informed, you can have a very pleasant and unique experience visiting Vietnam.