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Trish Stratus: The Varied Work in the Trish Stratus Gallery

She’s a wrestling legend, a fitness spokesperson, a Canadian treasure, and one damn beautiful woman. She’s Trish Stratus: former fitness model, former wrestling champion, and current idol of thousands of women and ideal for thousands of men. Trish Stratus is a native of Richmond Hill, Canada, an upscale suburb of Toronto. She was born Patricia Anne Stratigias on December 18, 1975. Her choice of childhood idol was perhaps indicative of things to come: young Patricia worshipped legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan. Trish Stratus started her career as a fitness model. She graced the cover of several magazines, including Musclemag and Total Women’s Fitness. She also co-hosted a Canadian talk show, Live Audio Wrestling—a gig that helped launch her wrestling career. World Wrestling Federation agents noticed her, approached her, and asked if she felt she had more to offer the world than her stunning looks.
When Trish Stratus (who was then still known as Patricia Anne Stratigias) replied yes, the WWF agents told her it was time to start training for a wrestling career. Trish Stratus took this advice to heart. She started training at Ron Hutchinson’s gym (a gym that had helped pump other wrestling legends—pun intended—like Edge and Christian). By the time the WWF contacted the newly renamed Trish Stratus in 1999, she was ready to show the WWF her stuff. To understand the next chunk of Trish Stratus’ life, it is necessary to have at least a vague idea of what the WWF is about. On the one hand, there’s the genuinely sporty side of wrestling: physically demanding for the wrestler, exciting to watch for the viewer. But what makes it more exciting to watch—and, to many people, downright addictive—is the stories that accompany the physical action.
WWF wrestlers take on personas, and like real people, these personas take on love interests, friends and enemies that often make nail-bitingly good stories. It’s a little like daytime soap operas for guys (although we acknowledge that, like Trish Stratus herself once did, many, many women watch wrestling as well). Let’s look at some of the stories in which Trish Stratus participated. Early on in the show, Trish Stratus started taunting The Dudley Boyz, who had a penchant for slamming women through tables. Sure enough, Trish Stratus got herself went through a table. The table was her first, but not last, taste of punishment. Trish Stratus also got bumps from The Big Show and Chyna, and on one particularly memorable night, even got treated to a stinkface from Rikishi. The upside to getting punished was that Trish Stratus was quickly deemed good enough to compete in actual matches. She teamed up with Test and Albert (also known as T & A, the tag team which she was managing) to go up against The Hardy Boyz and Lita. Even though Trish Stratus and her team lost, Trish Stratus still managed to steal the show: she whipped Lita with a leather strap before leaving the wrestling ring. For the first year of her career, Trish Stratus was managing teams. She managed T & A, then briefly just A (once T had left). She also managed Val Venis, leading him to win the International Championship. But Trish Stratus was getting tired of managing.
Trish Stratus wanted to play—and win. It was time to see Trish Stratus Unleashed. The following year, trish stratus got a juicy storyline of her own. She began an in-ring relationship with WWF Chairman Vince McMahon following his public announcement that he wanted to divorce his wife, Linda. Vince McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie (aka “The Billion-Dollar Princess) disapproved. The two squared off in a much-anticipated match that Stephanie ended up winning, thanks to the meddling of William Regal. The story climaxed in a tag team: Trish Stratus and Vince McMahon versus Stephanie and William Regal. Suddenly, Vince McMahon turned on Trish Stratus: the whole thing had been a set-up against her! Vince McMahon cruelly told Trish Stratus that she was just “a toy he was tired of playing with.” If you’re feeling sorry for Trish Stratus’ character, don’t: her feuds with Stephanie led to some of the best matches of her career. Besides, trish stratus got her revenge. Trish Stratus tried to apologize to Vince McMahon for the way she’d shaken up her life. Rather than accept her apology, Vince McMahon made her strip down to her bra and thong and bark like a dog—a move so controversial that the United Kingdom refused to air it. A month later, while Vince McMahon fought with his son, Shane McMahon, Trish Stratus pushed an immobile Linda out in her wheelchair. Trish Stratus then slapped Vince McMahon and chased Stephanie out of the ring, while Linda leapt up from her wheelchair and kneed Vince McMahon in the groin. Shane took advantage of the situation and beat the crap out of his dad. The McMahon storyline inspired Trish Stratus to make wrestling a full-time career, a decision that showed in her increasingly improving ability in the ring. Trish Stratus Unleashed herself as a true wrestling diva. Another juicy storyline featuring Trish Stratus was known as the Invasion storyline. Former enemies Trish Stratus and Lita decided to try and patch things up.
They teamed up against other divas, Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson, in the first ever Bra and Panties Tag Team Match. Trish Stratus and Lita won. Unfortunately, all this diva dueling lead to an injured ankle for Trish Stratus. It took her four months to recover, but she used the time to train with former wrestling champion Dave Finlay, and returned to the ring better than ever—so good that, after headlocking opponent Ivory, climbing the ropes, and catapulting backwards in mid-air while still keeping Ivory’s head in her arms, Trish Stratus won her first WWE Women’s Championship. Over the next several years, trish stratus continued to fued with several onscreen divas, including Lita, Jazz, Victoria and Molly Holly. The feud with Molly Holly was particularly intense, as Molly defeated Trish Stratus at the 2002 King of the Ring for the WWE Women’s Championship. Three months later, Trish defeated Molly Holly and earned the title back. In 2003, Trish Stratus enjoyed a brief onscreen romance with Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy saved Trish Stratus from an attack by her then-archenemy, Victoria, and her tag team partner Steve Richards. He kissed her, and the romance continued until Jeff Hardy was dropped from the WWE in April 2003. Her next on-screen love interest was Chris Jericho. Around the same time, Lita started dating Christian. Trish Stratus overheard the two men talking about whose woman would put out first. Trish Stratus and Lita reunited in a battle of the sexes, where they confronted their one-track minded boyfriends. Chris Jericho and Christian won, but it was an exciting match nevertheless. Trish Stratus and Chris Jericho patched things up when he saved her from several attacks, but their storyline took an ugly turn.
Trish Stratus betrayed her beloved, teaming up first with the treacherous Christian and then with her bodyguard Tyson Tomko to attack Jericho. Trish Stratus later teamed up with Mickie James, who claimed to be Trish Stratus’ biggest fan, and proved it by sacrificing herself in order to leave Trish Stratus as the only woman standing in a 2005 diva battle. Mickie James soon began to admire Trish Stratus in other ways, kissing her under the mistletoe and sending Trish Stratus running. We can bet Micke James was looking up the Trish Stratus Gallery on the internet! Mickie James continued to stalk Trish Status well into 2006, even going so far as to have Trish Stratus’ date arrested under false pretenses. The two women launched a series of mind games, doing weird things like dressing up like each other (Mickie James even dyed her hair blonde). With wrestling storylines this juicy, does anyone really care about Trish Stratus’ real life? It’s no wonder that all anyone seems to know is that she married Ron Fiscio in a wedding that included numerous current and former wrestling stars. Also, being the sexy athlete that she is, it’s no wonder that Playboy has come a-knocking at Trish Stratus’ door several times, asking her to pose nude. Sadly for millions of hopeful Playboy readers, Trish Stratus has repeatedly said no, explaining: “I’ve always been a fan of leaving things to the imagination.” The closest thing to a sexy magazine cover Trish Stratus has done recently has been featuring her wedding dress on the cover of the magazine Today’s Bride.
Lustful fans can quite easily find pictures of the busty babe in a bikini, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a Trish Stratus Gallery full of pictures of trish stratus nude. Throughout her career as a sports entertainment, Trish Stratus was wildly popular with fans for both her sexiness and her skill. On the WWE RAW X Anniversary Show, she was announced “Diva of the Decade.” Between 2001 and 2003, she held the title of WWE Babe of the Year three times. Today, as far as World Wrestling Enteraintment goes, Trish Stratus is a record-breaking legend. She is the ONLY women to have won the WWE Women’s Championship a whopping seven times. The only female wrestlers who come remotely close are Lita and The Fabulous Moolah, both four-time winners. Trish Stratus is also one of only four women to have held the WWE Hardcore Championship. Trish Stratus retired from World Wrestling Entertainment on September 17, 2006, just after winning her seventh WWE Women’s Championship. She continued to appear on TV—or try to, anyway. Her reality show, Armed & Famous (which paired real cops and celebrities) was yanked from the air after a mere four months. She is scheduled to hit the airwaves again in July 2007 as the host of The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend, a stand-up comic version of American Idol. Fans everywhere can’t wait to see trish stratus unleashed all over again.