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Morocco has been a desired travel destination for over a century. Morocco appeals to the traveler looking for an exotic and unique location steeped in a rich and diverse culture and history. If you look at a map of morocco, you will see that morocco is located at the North Western point of Africa, sharing a water border with Spain. The Morocco Culture boasts a diverse mix of Arabic, Spanish, and French traditions and morocco is even home to the oldest university in the world. The Morocco People range from Arabic, mostly Muslim, inhabitants to Westerners, especially from France and Spain. Recently real estate in morocco has been a hot topic in the Western world. Morocco is not your typical vacation destination but the country offers beautiful scenery and historical cities for you to explore. Morocco is especially popular with the more wealthy travelers, as morocco features many private villas and five star hotels for those not traveling on a budget to enjoy. You can still travel to morocco if you are backpacking, however, as the country offers amenities suitable for less wealthy tourists as well. If you look at a Map of Morocco, you will see that morocco is located on the Western coast of the northernmost part of Africa. The map of morocco also shows that Morocco is bordered by Algeria and Mauritania to the South and East and the Northern border of Morocco nearly meets with that of the south of Spain. The morocco map also reveals the Canary Islands to be just West of morocco. You will also notice that the Map of Morocco indicates that the Western Sahara desert covers most of southern Morocco. The map of morocco shows us that Rabat, the capital of morocco, is located in the north of Morocco, almost near the Spanish border. A morocco map will also show you that Casablanca, probably the most famous city in Morocco, is located just South of Rabat. If you are traveling to morocco, you will definitely want to bring a morocco map. The Map of Morocco that you choose to bring may be a large map showing all of morocco or a smaller morocco map that shows a few cities. You can find a map of morocco in any travel guide for Morocco. You can also find a morocco map online. If you have booked your Morocco vacation through a travel agent, just ask that agent for a Map of Morocco and they should have one available. The Morocco People today represent the diversity of Morocco Culture. The Morocco People who have inhabited morocco the longest are the Berbers, a North African tribe that has lived in Morocco for centuries. In the 17th century, the Arabs moved into morocco. Now the Arabs are the dominant population of the Morocco People. The Morocco People can be statistically divided as fifty-five percent Arab, forty-four percent Berber and one percent foreigners. This mix of Berber and Arab in the Morocco People has had a significant effect on Morocco Culture and morocco society. While ninety-eight percent of the Morocco People are Muslim, there are still terrorist acts in Morocco. Most of these terrorist acts do not target the local Morocco People but rather are aimed at foreigners and the small Jewish population of Morocco. The Morocco People used to have a significant Jewish population but persecution diminished this population to less than seven thousand Jewish people living in morocco. The Morocco Culture reflects the status of morocco as Arabic North African nation, former French colony, and major trade post with the Western world. The Morocco Culture is well known for Moroccan food, especially the popular dish couscous. The Morocco Culture is also well known for its local arts and crafts scene, specializing in ceramics, carpets, and leatherware. Morocco Culture has further been noted for the market or bazaar. The market is an important part of Morocco Culture, as it features a wide mix of foods as well as arts and crafts. If you are visiting morocco and wish to check out some local Morocco Culture, you should certainly visit a morocco market because here you will experience local tradition. Another way to experience Morocco Culture is to check out the many museums and galleries of morocco. Furthermore, you can see Morocco Culture and history in all the buildings that make up the major cities. Morocco Culture is known for being exotic and diverse but still Westerner-friendly. It is important to remember that France had some impact on Morocco Culture over the last century and French is still the official second language of morocco. If you loved your visit to Morocco you may wish to look into purchasing morocco property. You are not alone if you are interested in buying real estate in morocco. The amount of foreigner-owned morocco property has risen significantly in recent years. The interest in real estate in morocco may be due to affordable prices for prime morocco property and incentives for Westerners and foreign companies to bring in business to Morocco. One concern you may have before purchasing real estate in morocco is the recent terrorist attacks on foreigners, especially in Casablanca. If you wish to look at the morocco property that is available, there are a few ways to go about it. A lot of real estate in morocco may be viewed online. Online may not be the smartest way to purchase morocco property, however, so you may want to talk to a real estate agent who deals in international property. If you have decided to purchase real estate in morocco and have found the morocco property that is right for you, try to visit Morocco and see the property first hand. Morocco has become a popular travel destination for wealthy jetsetters and real estate in morocco may just be the kind of high profile real estate you are looking for. The villas in Morocco are particularly beautiful and if you are looking at more remote coastal spots in morocco you should be able to find a piece of morocco property for an affordable price.