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Tokyo Japan has become a very popular travel destination for Westerners wanting to experience a vibrant Asian city. What makes tokyo japan so unique is the combination of the modern and the urban with Japanese tradition and culture. Tokyo is renowned worldwide for being a very modern city. When you think of tokyo, you probably think of large skyscrapers clustered together, covered with flashing advertisements and neon colours. Tokyo Japan has much more to offer then just urbanism, however, and tokyo can be a gateway into learning about Japanese culture and history.
To Westerners, tokyo japan has an exotic aura that’s been the inspiration for films like Lost in Translation, tokyo rose and tokyo drift. Tokyo is a great way to introduce yourself to Asia, as tokyo japan is an accessible city for Western tourists. While Japanese is the official language of tokyo, many signs are in English and many Tokyo residents speak English. If you are exploring Tokyo Japan, be prepared to spend a larger budget than in most Asian countries because enjoying the modern international city of Tokyo can be quite pricey. The first step to take in planning your tokyo vacation is to research flights tokyo. You will find when researching flights tokyo that flights tokyo can be very pricey, depending on where you are flying from. If you are flying from Europe or Eastern North America, flights tokyo will be fairly expensive.
You will find cheaper flights when searching for flights tokyo from within Asia or even sometimes from the West coast of North America. Make sure you book your flights tokyo in advance, as flights tokyo get booked quickly during the busy season. You may be able to get a discount on flights tokyo if you leave booking flights tokyo to the last minute but this is risky. Your best bet when booking flights tokyo is to talk to a travel agent because an agent can inform you of any upcoming flights tokyo deals and savings. Once you have booked your flights tokyo, you may wish to keep talking to your travel agent because an agent may also help you find a tokyo hotel. Finding a suitable tokyo hotel can be tricky if you do not know what to expect in Tokyo Japan. First you should think of what you need from a tokyo hotel. If you are traveling with children you will need to find a tokyo hotel that will accommodate this. A tokyo hotel can be very expensive so many people choose to stay in a Tokyo businessman’s hotel. In this kind of tokyo hotel the patrons sleep in pod-like capsules fitted into a wall.
This kind of tokyo hotel only provides you with a clean bed and a locker for your luggage. This kind of tokyo hotel can be a novelty to visitors but will not provide the comfort of a more expensive tokyo hotel. If you are looking for a spacious tokyo hotel, you will be paying quite a bit because if there is one thing Westerners notice about tokyo japan it is the lack of space in the hotels and the city. A normal tokyo hotel will only provide the necessities and will be sparsely furnished and decorated. Of course, in an exciting city like Tokyo, who needs a tokyo hotel for anything other than sleep? The youth culture in tokyo japan is often talked about, as tokyo youths have developed such distinct lifestyles and fashions.
Among the Tokyo trends that have migrated to the Western world are the manga culture and the underground tokyo culture, exploited by such films as tokyo drift. The movie tokyo drift is the third film in the Fast and Furious franchise. While tokyo drift did decently at the box office, critics attacked tokyo drift for its poor acting and plot. The point of tokyo drift was not the story, however. Rather, tokyo drift was used as a way to showcase Tokyo youth and fast cars. While tokyo drift is set in tokyo japan, tokyo drift has little to do with actual Japanese culture and far more to do with Japanese cars and girls. I would certainly not recommend tokyo drift to anyone as a good movie or as an accurate representation of the Tokyo Japan culture but if you want to see how Westerners have exoticized the culture of tokyo japan, tokyo drift may be a good example. A past exoticization of the Tokyo culture occurred in World War II with the tokyo rose phenomenon. A tokyo rose was a Japanese woman, sometimes from tokyo, who performed radio broadcasts in English for the Allies. The term tokyo rose was an exotic term used for these women who were forced into this awkward position as captives in their own country.
Since World War II, the term tokyo rose has appeared in many different contexts. There have been many punk and rock bands that used tokyo rose as a band name. There have also been two films called tokyo rose. The first tokyo rose film told the true story of a woman who was a tokyo rose during the war. This first tokyo rose film was made in the 1950s. Currently there is another film called tokyo rose in production. The term tokyo rose is a reminder of the rough history of Japan that we rarely think about when looking at a modern city like Tokyo. If you are traveling to Tokyo Japan, you will have a hard time absorbing all the diversity and vibrancy of the city of tokyo. There is always so much going on in tokyo japan that you could never be bored in such a city. Make sure to move outside the core of the city of Tokyo at some point, as tokyo is surrounded by some lovely gardens and temples. A visit to tokyo japan is an eye opening experience, as Tokyo allows you to experience a very fast-paced and unique culture. Tokyo Japan can be overwhelming but many people who travel to tokyo fall in love with the city and can’t wait to return.