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San Diego is a city located at the most southwestern part of California in the United States. San Diego actually shares a border with Tijuana, Mexico and many people who visit san diego like to explore Tijuana as well. Because they share a border with Mexico, san diego has been heavily influenced by Spanish-style architecture. Even a lot of the newer architecture in san diego, such as that in Balboa Park, has been built in the Spanish revival style. There are many reasons to visit San Diego. San Diego features the hot climate of California and is lined with many beautiful beaches. Beyond the beaches, san diego features many tourist attractions such as amusement parks, museums, and the very famous San Diego Zoo. Many people also check out the sports culture in san diego. Surfing is a major san diego pastime, as is cheering on the local NFL team, the San Diego Chargers. Whether you are looking for a family vacation or just a relaxing getaway, san diego offers excitement and beauty, as well as many things to do.
he first step in planning your vacation to San Diego is to book your flight or hotel. Many people decide to visit san diego as part of a larger California vacation that usually includes Los Angeles. If that is how you plan to visit San Diego, you may consider renting a car and driving to san diego from Los Angeles. If you are coming to San Diego from across the country or from across the ocean, it might make sense to transfer flights in Los Angeles, as flights directly to san diego can be a bit pricey. After you have booked your san diego flight, you will want to look into san diego hotels. There are so many san diego hotels that it may be overwhelming. If you are going on a family vacation, you may wish to look at san diego hotels marketed especially for families. Examples of these san diego hotels may be the Seaworld resort, located just outside San Diego, or one of the san diego hotels located near Balboa Park, which houses most of the san diego attractions. It is very easy to find san diego hotels online. If you are traveling to san diego on a low budget, you may wish to skip the san diego hotels and look at San Diego hostels. For those wishing to choose one of the san diego hotels, know that most of the san diego hotels are in the city centre. Check at the san diego hotels to make sure they allow kids and/or pets before you book because there are some san diego hotels that are aimed at more professional clientele. Probably the biggest attraction in san diego is the San Diego Zoo. The san diego zoo has been widely known as the best zoo in the world for many years. The San Diego Zoo is located in Balboa Park. Balboa Park is a recreational complex that holds most of the tourist attractions, museums, amusement parks, and botanical gardens in San Diego. Balboa Park is pretty much the one-stop shop for a great san diego family vacation. The san diego zoo was founded in 1916 and quicrkly became one of the most progressive zoos in the world. The San Diego zoo was known as the first zoo to move the animals from cages into more expansive habitats. The san diego zoo is also known for its conservation programs and for working with other zoos to save endangered species. The San Diego Zoo is a great place to spend a day, both for kids and adults. In many ways, the san diego zoo put San Diego on the map as a popular family travel destination. San Diego is also known for its NFL team, the san diego chargers. The San Diego Chargers used to be the Los Angeles Chargers until the 1960s when they moved to san diego. The san diego chargers play at Qualcomm stadium in San Diego. While the San Diego Chargers are certainly not known as the best team in the league, they are also not the worst. The san diego chargers have won league championships. The San Diego Chargers have only made it to the Super Bowl once. In 1994, the san diego chargers played the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, but did not win the championship. Still, the san diego chargers have many loyal fans. San Diego Chargers games often attract fans from around the country to come out and support San Diego. If you are looking for things to do in san diego beyond the basic tourist attractions, try checking out the san diego union tribune. The san diego union tribune is the daily mainstream newspaper in San Diego. The san diego union tribune lists many cultural events occurring in San Diego. The san diego union tribune will also feature bar and restaurant reviews, if you are interested in experiencing the local culture of San Diego. You can also check the san diego union tribune website for local san diego weather and San Diego Chargers sports scores.
Looking at a local paper like the san diego union tribune could offer you many opportunities to have fun living like a San Diego local. And if you really love san diego, the san diego union tribune offers classified ads for jobs and San Diego housing. San Diego has a lot to offer in terms of fun cultural experiences for you and your family. After checking out the San Diego Zoo, you could try the many san diego museums in Balboa Park or even Legoland, another major san diego attraction for children and families. San Diego has beautiful weather year round so if you are going to visit san diego for the tourist attractions, try to visit in the off-season as San Diego in the summer, especially the san diego zoo, may be a little overwhelming. San Diego is a very vibrant city and many visitors to san diego return again and again.