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San Francisco is a popular travel destination and the fourteenth largest city in the United States. The history of san francisco is interesting, as san francisco has acted as a cultural and financial center in the United States. San Francisco has also had a tumultuous past with the san francisco earthquake of 1989. This was certainly not the first san francisco earthquake, as another san francisco earthquake had struck the city in 1906, killing thousands and leaving hundreds of thousands more homeless. The san francisco earthquake of 1989 had a much smaller death toll but many were injured and the damage caused by this san francisco earthquake was substantial. The san francisco earthquake of 1989 was actually broadcast on live television because at the time the san francisco Giants were playing in the World Series.
Though the san francisco earthquake caused a lot of damage to the san francisco bay area, the city has been rebuilt and San Francisco remains a beautiful and diverse place to travel. If you are traveling to San Francisco, you will fly into the san francisco airport. The san francisco airport is the fourteenth largest airport in the United States. The san francisco airport is actually built on a landfill in the San Francisco Bay. While the san francisco airport is located thirteen miles South of the city of San Francisco, it is very easy to get from the san francisco airport to one of many san francisco hotels using public transportation or a shuttle bus. When you fly into the san francisco airport, make sue you have all the proper documentation. The United States is very careful about airport security now and the san francisco airport is no exception. The san francisco airport will actually play home of operations to the new Virgin Airlines. The san francisco airport offers all the amenities of an international airport. If you are flying in and out of the san francisco airport, you can expect many choices for food and shopping needs. There are many san francisco hotels so you can find a hotel in San Francisco to suit any price range. Many of the san francisco hotels are actually hostels, to accommodate the many backpackers who travel to san francisco. A lot of the nicer san francisco hotels are located on Nobb Hill, which was once the wealthy area of San Francisco until the 1906 san francisco earthquake destroyed it. Many of the Nobb Hill mansions were then rebuilt as san francisco hotels. If you are looking for san francisco hotels, try and find one that has a view of the san francisco bay area because San Francisco is a beautiful city. If you decide to stay at one of the san francisco hotels on the hill you won’t be disappointed by the view. Make sure to book san francisco hotels well in advance of peak season because San Francisco is a very popular tourist destination. If you chose one of the san francisco hotels on a hill, you will probably want to take the tram after a long day of walking because many of these san francisco hotels are on steep inclines. If you are a football fan, you may wish to travel to the san francisco bay area to see a san francisco 49ers game. The san francisco 49ers are the local NFL team for San Francisco. The san francisco 49ers have a pretty loyal local fanbase. The san francisco 49ers have actually won five Superbowls. In recent years, the san francisco 49ers have not been at their best but due to the team history, san francisco 49ers fans are always hopeful for next season.
The san francisco 49ers had their best seasons in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Many great NFL players have played for the san francisco 49ers. If you are a san francisco 49ers fan and wish to get tickets to a san francisco 49ers game, book them in advance because the san francisco 49ers still sell out their stadium. You can also purchase san francisco 49ers merchandise online on the san francisco 49ers website. If you are visiting the san francisco bay area and are looking for something to do, try checking the san francisco chronicle. The san francisco chronicle is the most circulated paper in Northern California. The san francisco chronicle will let you know of events happening that week in the san francisco bay area. The san francisco chronicle can also off weather updates and movie times, as well as sports updates for local favourites the san francisco 49ers. Try checking the san francisco chronicle website for weather updates before you are traveling to San Francisco so you’ll have an idea what to pack. The san francisco bay area can sometimes be chilly so it’s best to check a local paper like the san francisco chronicle, just to be sure.
The san francisco chronicle is also famous for its respected newspaper columnists and contributors so the san francisco chronicle may also make for good reading on the plane ride home. A visit to the san francisco bay area would not be complete without checking out some of the major attractions in San Francisco. Those interested in seeing where the counter culture flourished in the san francisco bay area will want to check out the district of Haight-Ashbury (though by now the district is fairly gentrified), as well as the City Lights Bookstore, owned by Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Everyone who visits the san francisco bay area will want to see the bay itself so a visit to the Marina is an essential part of your San Francisco vacation. The harbour of San Francisco offers many delicious seafood restaurants, especially if you like soft shell crab. San Francisco is a great travel destination for families, as well as the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. The best part of visiting a city as diverse as San Francisco is you can always find something you are looking for and the vibrancy of san francisco continues to attract visitors from all over the world.