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Rotator Cuff Exercises

So you have decided that now is the right time to get in shape and live a healthier life.  Good for you, but remember that you have to do your exercises right.  One of the biggest problems that people make when they start exercising is to focus on certain muscles.  While people will notice changes in your body if you do chest exercises, bicep exercises, and ab exercises, this doesnít mean you have to neglect your other muscle groups.  In fact, this is a dangerous strategy, as focusing on all parts of your body will ensure that your entire body is strong.  After all, you donít want to have disproportional strength.

An important part of your body that many people neglect to exercise are your shoulders.  Having big shoulders is a great way to look good, but you have to make sure that you work them out properly.  Within your shoulder lie the muscles of your rotator cuff.  This is an important group of muscles that you definitely need to work out, as they allow you to move your arms in a circular manner.  By doing rotator cuff exercises, you will not only increase your strength but will also increase your balance and flexibility.

A common worry that people have is how to do rotator cuff exercises.  This is a great question to ask, as one of the worst thing you can do is try to exercise a body part without knowing how to do it.  By doing rotator cuff exercises incorrectly, you not only will be doing a lot of work with minimal effect but you are increasing your chances of injuring your shoulders.  Thatís why we are here to help you by telling you how to do some of the best rotator cuff exercises out there.

A great rotator cuff exercises that you can do is the external rotator on your knee.  In this exercise, you have to sit on a bench with your foot also resting on the bench.  From this position, you place your elbow on your knee while making sure that your upper arm is facing the floor.  From this position, you rotate your arm and the barbell that it is holding so that it is completely in line with your knee.  Make sure that you are doing this in a gradual manner to maximize the rotator cuff exercise.  After lifting the barbell up, slowly lower your arm to its first pose.  Make sure that you do this a number of times to get the full effect of the rotator cuff exercise.

Another great rotator cuff exercises is the Door Jamb Chest Stretch.  This is a particularly effective rotator cuff exercises as you do not require any exercise equipment.  In this exercise, you place your arms against a wall with your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle.  From this position, you lean forward as your arms stay against the wall.  Do this a number of times and this fantastic rotator cuff exercise will pay dividends.

By working out your entire body and doing rotator cuff exercises, you will help your body feel great but you will feel a sense of satisfaction.  Increase your confidence and your strength by doing rotator cuff exercises!