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Forearm Exercises

One of the biggest wishes that we all have is to look great.  After all, who hasn’t stared at the mirror and fantasized about looking better … and you can!  However, it just won’t happen overnight.  The key to looking great and being healthy is healthy eating habits and exercise.  So, don’t spend any more time wondering what could be and make it happen!

While it’s easy to go to the gym and health club or to buy exercise equipment, the key to effective exercise is to make sure that you are exercising your entire body.  A common wish for people is to have great looking arms.  While people are eager to do biceps exercises, they often neglect some of the other areas of the arms, like forearm exercises.

If you are looking for that muscular look or if you are going for that fit, lean look, it is so important that you do forearm exercises.  Besides its attractive quality, by doing forearm exercises, you will be increasing your forearm strength.  This will increase your body’s ability to do bicep exercises and triceps exercises.  Of course, many people neglect to do forearm exercises because they just don’t know how to.  That’s where we can help you out by telling you what some of the easiest and most effective forearm exercises are.

One of the most effective forearm exercises is the reverse curl.  The reverse curl involves holding a barbell in a way that your palms are facing away from you instead of towards you.  In this position, you slowly raise the barbell towards you and you will work out your forearm.  If you want to have a muscular forearm, you should do fewer repetitions of higher weights.  However, if you are looking for a toned look, it is recommended that you do more repetitions of a lighter weight.

Another great forearms exercise are barbell wrist curls.  In this exercise, you should sit on a bench with your elbows placed between your knees.  In this position, you should be holding a barbell with both your hands.  Your hands should be facing upwards and then you roll the barbell until your wrists are straight.  While the barbell curl wrists can be difficult at first, this is a great way to build up your forearms strength.

A common mistake made by people when they are doing forearms exercises are that they try to do too much at first.  While it’s a reasonable thought to try to use as much weight at first when you do forearms exercises, you have to remember that exercising is like a marathon and not a sprint.  By trying to do too much, you may cause injury to your forearms.  Remember that you have to go at your own pace and if you do that, you will find that forearms exercises are effective exercises in strengthening your arms.

While forearms exercises are great for their positive impact on your body and health, it is also a fantastic way to relive stress and make yourself feel better.  By working towards your goal of a healthier life and a more attractive, stronger you, you can’t help but feel more confident and happier!