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Tricep Exercises

Are you ready for the day that when you look at the mirror, you love what you see?  While looking good may seem like a superficial goal, it isn’t.  Looking good and being in shape means that you are healthy.  Of course, knowing that you look good is great for your confidence.

However, the question is where do I start?  While many people focus on doing chest exercises and bicep exercises to make them look great, it is so important that you exercise all parts of your body.  One of the most underrated exercises are tricep exercises.  Tricep exercises are done to improve the strength of your triceps – three muscles that are found underneath your biceps.  For many men, they find that working out their triceps to be one of the most difficult exercises that they can.  For women, doing tricep exercises is a great way to get rid of those sags that develop underneath your arms.

One of the most effective tricep exercises that you can do is the close grip bench press.  While the bench press is one of the simplest and most effective chest exercises, you can modify it a bit to give your triceps a much needed workout.  In the close grip bench press, you lie flat on a bench with a weighted bar above you.  The first position in the close grip bench press is to grip the bar with your hands.  However, in the close grip bench press, your index fingers should be six inches apart from each other.  Once you are in this position, you have to raise the bar up slowly and then back down to your chest.  By doing three sets of this exercise, you will find that you will be doing one of the most effective tricep exercises out there.

Another great triceps exercise are dumbbell kick backs.  In this exercise, you will have one knee seated on a bench.  In this position, you should bend forward with the corresponding hand placed further from your knee on the bench.  As you are bent over, use your other hand to take a dumbbell.  In this position, you have to move the lower part of your arm and curl the dumbbell towards you and back.  It is important that you do not use your upper part of your arm to do this exercise.  To make sure that you are effectively exercising your triceps, make sure to switch arms and do a set of dumbbell kick backs.

A common mistake that people make when they do tricep exercises is that they focus too much on just doing these exercises.  While working out and exercise is important to your health, you have to make sure that you don’t over exert yourself because this can just cause injury.  By incorporating triceps exercise in your whole body exercise routine, you will enhance the positive effects of the triceps exercise.

So if you are ready to look and feel great, make sure that you take the time to do triceps exercise.  By increasing the strength of your arms and upper torso, you will find that you will feel stronger while looking more toned.  If this sounds great, then you know what you have to do – tricep exercises!