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Core Exercises

Now is the time that you can change your life.  Are you tired of trying to stick in your gut underneath your shirt or are you tired of having to buy new pants every year?  If that’s the case, the solution is easy – exercise.  While exercise is great to shape your body, the primary benefit of exercise is that it helps improve your health.  Nobody wants to get sick, so if you are concerned about your health, then you should start to do some exercising.

A common question that people have before they start to do their exercise routine is what kind of exercises are the most effective.  The answer is that it all completely depends on what you want to do.  For people who want to look muscular, arm exercises and chest exercises will help make you bigger.  However, if you are a person who wants a leaner look, you may want to focus on abs exercises and legs exercise.

Regardless of the look that you want, it is important that you work out your entire body.  One particularly effective exercise are core exercises.  Core exercises are a set of exercises that are designed to strengthen your core muscles.  Also known as the trunk of your body, your core muscles are made up of your abs, back, and pelvis.  By doing core exercises, you will strengthen your core muscles and provide extra support to your spine.  Your core muscles are used for such common actions as walking, standing, and sitting.  Considering that weak core muscles can lead to such medical conditions as back pain, poor posture, and an increased susceptibility to injury, it is so important that you incorporate core exercises in your exercise program.

One of the biggest complaints that people have about exercising is that it often requires spending a lot of money on exercise equipment or having to go to the gym and health club.  However, there are many effective core exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home without exercise equipment.  A particularly effective core exercise is known as planks.  In this exercise, you have to lie down on your stomach.  From this position, you have to try to lift your body using your forearms and your toes while keeping your back stationary.  Hold on to this position for at least thirty seconds and then repeat. 

Another great core exercise that you can do is the twisting crunch.  In this position, you lay on your back, with your legs tucked in and your knees at a 90 degree angle.  From there, you raise your torso up to about a 45 degree angle and then twist from side to side.  While the twisting crunch core exercise can be difficult, it is a great way to strengthen your core muscles.

Core exercises are extremely effective and can result in a set of tight abs.  The best part of doing core exercises is that it will increase your energy level and balance.  By strengthening your core muscles, you will feel that your posture has improved and you will feel much stronger doing any type of physical activity.  Core exercises can also be done with an exercise ball and will result in better overall health.