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Stretching Exercises

When it comes to feeling good and living a healthy life, everyone understands that exercise is the key.  However, a common mistake made by people exercising is that people are so gung ho and forget one of the most fundamental keys to exercise – stretching exercises.

While it’s a great thing to start jogging regularly or to do many bench presses, if you don’t stretch, you won’t be getting the full benefits of your exercise.  Stretching exercises help your body prepare for further exercise.  It helps to loosen your limbs and muscles.  By doing stretching exercises, you will help make your body feel relaxed and increase flexibility.  Even if you don’t exercise regularly, you should still do stretching exercises as a way to help your body feel better.

There are many stretching exercises out there that directly affect each part of your body.  The great thing about stretching exercises are that they do not take up a lot of time to do.  Additionally, they are pretty easy to do and can be done anywhere you go.  If you find that your body is stiffening up because you’ve spent too much time sitting on a chair at work, you can do a few quick stretching exercises to help you get through the workday.  If you are feeling stressed at home, you can just take a few minutes to yourself and do some stretching exercises.  Not only do stretching exercises help your body, but it helps you feel relaxed and reduce stress.  Get limber both physically and mentally and read about some of the great stretching exercises that you can do.

When you do stretching exercises, it is important that you make sure that you stretch out your whole body.  It is generally recommended that if you are doing stretching exercises with other exercises, that you spend a lot of time stretching out the area that you are going to focus on.  For example, if you are going to do leg exercises, make sure that you do a lot of leg stretching exercises.

Some popular stretching exercises for your neck include stretching your neck from side to side for a few seconds at a time.  Another effective neck stretching exercise includes tilting your neck back and forward for a few seconds at a time.  One of the most important stretching exercises that you can do is to stretch your back.  One effective exercise that focuses on your middle back is to gently twist your torso while your hands reside on your hips.  After holding the stretch for 15 seconds, you should twist to the other side and repeat the stretch.  Another great stretching exercises that directly affects your arms, shoulders, hands, ankles, and feet is one of the simplest exercises.  All that you have to do is to lie on the ground with your arms extending behind you and your legs straight.  From this position, try to extend your arms and legs in different directions.  Your body will feel great.

By following stretching exercises, you will enhance the effect of other exercise activities.  Additionally, stretching exercises are a great gateway to exercise for people who are too intimidated to do an exercise program or go to a gym or health club.  Don’t take your health for granted.  By doing a couple of stretching exercises throughout your day, your body and your soul will feel so much better!