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Abdominal Exercises

It's official the country is currently experiencing a health craze and why not, everybody wants to be as healthy as they can be and exercising should be a priority in our lives.  After all, there really is no magical solution if you want to look and feel great.  The only real way to do this is by having healthy eating habits and exercising regularly.

When people first get into exercising, they invariably want to lose that extra body fat and have a lean or muscular look.  Of course, where does fat store itself in your stomach of course!  Everyone wants to have a healthy look and that can be seen in having a great six pack.  For that reason, abdominal exercises are so popular.  People are looking the Best Abdominal Exercise and 100 Abdominal Exercises that will lead to success.  While Ab Exercises are a great way of building up your abdominal exercises, it is important to note that regular cardiovascular exercise and healthy eating habits play a huge role in determining a healthy abs look.

While there may be 100 Abdominal Exercises, all you really need is to focus on a few ab exercises that have proven to be effective.  All abdominal exercises will help you build up abdominal strength and one of the most effective ab exercises are crunches.  Crunches involve lying down with your knees bent upwards.  While in this position, you lift your body at a 50 degree angle.  In this position, you should feel like your abs are in a crunching sensation.  Do crunches everyday and you will have amazing abs.

Another great abs exercise that many people may call the Best Abdominal Exercise are leg raises.  Leg raises are great abdominal exercises because they do not require having exercise equipment or being a member of a gym or health club.  In leg raises, you lay flat on the group with your legs also flat.  While in this position, you lift your legs up while making sure that your back is perfectly flat.  You should do this a number of times to get the best effect.

Another fantastic abdominal exercise are Russian twists.  To do a Russian twist, you should lay on the ground with your legs bent so your knees are pointing upwards.  From this position, you should raise your shoulders up and then turn your right shoulder so it touches your left knee.  After you do that, lower your shoulder and do the same thing except this time touch your left shoulder with your right knee.  While this may be difficult at first, once you start doing Russian twists regularly, you will find that it is easy in little time.

By doing regular abdominal exercises, you will feel like you have more energy.  Additionally, ab exercises are great because you can see the progress pretty quickly.  That perfect six pack doesn't have to be a dream anymore.  You don't have to do 100 Abdominal Exercises but just a few ab exercises everyday.  When you do that, you will find that you will shed some extra pounds, shape your body in an effective way, increase your balance, and just feel more confident in the way that you look!