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Back Exercises

There are very few things as annoying as back pain.  After all, feeling pain in your back area can affect your posture and can be quiet annoying.  Of course, you can do nothing about it and just hope for it to go away or you can do some back exercises to help the pain go away.

Back exercises are great for recovery or as a way to prevent back pain from occurring.  There are a number of effective back exercises that you can do.  It is important to note that when you do back exercises, that you are doing them in the proper way.  Make sure that you are doing back exercises in a controlled way to make sure that you are getting what you need from your back exercise.  Also, be wary of trying to do too much.  If you are overzealous in your back exercises, there is a good chance that you can cause back pain and make your back stiff up.  By doing gradual movements when you are doing back exercises, you will make sure that you are doing effective back exercises.

One of the most important back exercises that you can do involves stretching.  Stretching is particularly important for your lower back and many lower back exercises revolve around stretching.  Some particularly effective lower back exercises include the lower back stretch.  This involves you lying on your back and gradually bringing one knee towards your chest and holding it for three seconds.  Another great lower back exercise is the extension stretch, in which you bend your knees slightly.  From this position, you hold the back of your waste and stretch backwards for five seconds.  By following these stretches and lower back exercises, you will be increasing the flexibility of your back muscles and your ligaments.  Another important area to stretch to strengthen your back are your hamstrings.  You should aim to do these stretching exercises several times throughout your day.

Other effective back exercises include sit-ups and squats.  Sit-ups are extremely effective back exercises that can be done on the floor or using an exercise ball.  If you have access to free weights, you can be able to do dumbbell rows or barbell rows.  These involves standing while you recline your back so your eyes are facing the ground.  From this position, lift weights in a precise manner up to you and you will strengthen your back muscles.

There are also a number of exercise programs and sports activities that will help strengthen your back.  Aerobics and yoga are just a couple of exercise programs that will help exercise your back.  By doing these back exercises, you will be able to prevent back pain or to recover from back pain.  Additionally, a strong back will give you better posture and flexibility.  Embrace your health and start doing some back exercises!