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Tai Chi

You may have seen them – out in the park in the early morning, many older people doing these slow movements, and you may have asked yourself, what  the heck is going on?  Well, these people are participating in the Chinese martial artfrom of tai chi chuan.  While it may seem like an exercise program that is too slow and ineffective, studies have shown that those slow Tai Chi Movements is actually one of the most effective exercise programs out there.  In fact, tai chi has been shown to be more effective than surfing and nearly as effective as downhill skiing in burning off calories.

Often called t’ai chi and taiji, tai chi is a martial art that can be traced back to the early 19th century.  There are a number of different styles of tai chi, but all of the different tai chi styles are renowned for increasing a person’s health and longevity.  For that reason, tai chi is quickly becoming one of the most popular exercise programs out there.

Tai Chi is renowned for it slow, repetitive motions.  The reason behind this low impact exercise is to increase your concentration and also to make you more aware of the relationship between your body and mind.  It is a low impact exercise program that is great for anybody of any age.  Besides its physical benefits, tai chi also increases your blood circulation through a number of techniques such as breath control.  Its slow moving nature is believed to be a great way for people to relieve stress and increase their energy. 

Additionally, tai chi has been linked with increasing your flexibility and balance.  It is commonly associated with seniors, who love the low impact tai chi exercise because of the way it increases their balance and muscle strength.  For people who are recovering from injuries, tai chi helps to reduce muscular pain and stress.  From a Chinese medical point of view, tai chi helps to relieve chi imbalances which will increase a person’s overall energy.  Tai chi has also been shown to help people recuperate from such medical conditions as: high blood pressure, heart failure, arthritis, heart attacks, and multiple sclerosis.  There have been medical reports that have linked Tai Chi with reducing the symptoms of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

While tai chi has its background with martial arts, most people use it as a relaxing and effective exercise program.  Unlike the high intensity of other exercise programs, proponents of tai chi love this exercise because of its peaceful nature and its positive impacts on your mood.  With so many tai chi classes and tai chi dvds out there, it’s never been easier to learn what all of the fuss is all about.  If you are concerned about your weight and are looking for a great but not intimidating way to get some exercise, you may find that tai chi is the right exercise program for you!