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Exercise Ball

As thousands of people are deciding to make their health a priority and embark on an exercise routine, they are finding that there are so many options out there.  If you feel like you just don’t have the time to go to the gym or health club, join the club.  Thankfully, there are tons of exercise equipment out there that is easy to use and can be stored in your home, without taking too much precious room.

One of the most popular exercise equipment is the exercise ball.  Also known as the Swiss ball, the exercise ball is commonly used in Pilates.  Made from elastic rubber, the exercise ball can range in diameter between 22 and 34 inches.  It is a fantastic tool for people who are recovering from injury and are looking for physical therapy.  Also, it is a fantastic exercise tool that is renowned for its diverse use.

The popularity of exercise balls lies in the fact that it is well suited for the person beginning an exercise routine as well as the gym rat.  The exercise ball is a fantastic way to work out because it works out a larger group of muscles.  Due to its instability, when a person works out they are forced to use more muscles.  While it can be difficult at first, using an exercise ball will help you increase your balance and will increase muscle strength.  Generally the exercise ball is used to increase the strength of your abs and your back through core exercises.

For this reason, exercise balls are generally used for people who are suffering from lower back pain.  If you are a person who generally sits on a chair throughout your work day, you may find that working on an exercise ball will help you work out your abs and also increase your balance.  However, it is important that you do not overuse your exercise ball, as it can result in some injury.  By being smart, you will be able to avoid this problem and enjoy the great benefits of an exercise ball.

One of the most common questions about an exercise ball is what kind of exercises can you do on an exercise ball.  The Exercise Ball Workout can be extremely varied and can be done throughout your day.  Some exercises you can do in the Exercise Ball Workout includes: back extension, butt lift, ball balance, ab rolls, hip extension, ball twists, and ball rotation.  These exercises are easy to do and do not take a lot of extra time.  To increase the difficulty of these Exercise Ball Workout, you can incorporate weights.  However, you have to remember to pace yourself when you are exercising on an exercise ball.

With its easy to use nature and the diverse number of exercises you can do, it is easy to see why exercise balls are so popular.  So no more excuses, try out exercising with an exercise ball.  You will find that it is fun and is not overly physically stressful.  However, the exercise ball has been proven to work and will help you reach those hard to reach muscles to give them the attention they deserve too!