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Digi Makeover

It’s pretty amazing to see how much the toy industry has changed over the last couple of decades.  While toys from previous generations had their own unique qualities that played off a child’s use of their imagination, contemporary toys leave little to the imagination without sacrificing a child’s creativity.  Whereas before, you had to dream up different scenarios that you and your toy can be put in, today’s toys show you the results of your imagination.  This is evident in the wide spread of makeover tools such as Radica’s popular Dig-Makeover toy.

Kids are learning at an early age what adults have known forever – that the way that you look is pretty important.  While this may sound like a superficial statement, it is actually a pretty liberating concept.  By placing the proper importance on how you look and the types of clothes that you wear, you are able to allow your creativity run wild and choose styles that express your personality.  After all, fashion and the way that you look are fantastic tools of self-expression and it’s easier than ever to experiment with the way that you look through tools like digi makeover.

A digi makeover is a device that can be plugged directly into your TV.  It is quiet a technological marvel as it also features an interactive touch pad and also a digital camera.  This comprehensive tool is an amazing way to experiment with different makeover techniques and is a great social tool as well as a learning tool.  By experimenting with different styles through digi makeover’s extensive options for hairstyles and hair colors, you will be able to make hilariously bad makeovers and also elaborately beautiful ones too.

With digi makeover, you also have the option to load in photos of yourself and your friends.  You also have a number of options for clothes, makeup, fashion accessories, and jewelry, which makes digi makeover a great way to explore your different fashion and makeover options.  Let’s face it, while many people often fantasize about changing their look, they are too afraid to actually do something about it.  After all, who wants to pay a lot of money for a makeover procedure that actually makes you look worse?  However, through tools such as digi makeover, you are able to see what the results of a makeover would have on your beauty, at least virtually.  While the results of a digi makeover shouldn’t be treated as a guarantee, it at least will give you a general idea of whether a makeover change will enhance the way that you look or not.

With its numerous technological options and easy to use interface, a

is a fantastic tool for the entire family to have.  The way that you look plays a big role in the way that you look at yourself and through the magic of digi makeover, you can feel secure about your ability to make the right decisions about the way that you look!