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Italian Fashion

While the fashion industry in America has grown to immense proportions, it hasn’t really been fully embedded in the country’s cultural fabric.  While people love the styles of American fashion designers, the fashion industry isn’t taken as seriously here as it in other places.  Europe in particular is well known for its stylish residents and the reason for this is because of how high fashion is held up in countries like Italy.

Italian Fashion is well regarded for its sophisticated style and its elegant designs.  While Italian Fashion Designers like Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Prada, and Versace produce items that are not cheap, the money is worth it.  After all, if you buy an italian fashion product, you aren’t just buying a piece of clothing – rather, you are buying an attitude of class and sophistication.  Italian Fashion is well known for producing some of the best high end clothing out there and it is guaranteed to impress people when you walk around decked out in Italian Fashion.

While fashion and Italy seem to have been connected for centuries, the birthplace of Italian fashion can be traced back to 1951, when a fashion show was staged in Florence.  From a social perspective, Italians began to view fashion as an important way of self-expression and self-assertion.  A nation that doesn’t particularly tolerate sloppy dressing, Italian Fashion soon began to take off from here.

Early Italian Fashion harkened back to an earlier time where nobility held fantastic parties and were proud of their elegance.  Elaborate dresses and fine clothes were commonly worn.  However, italian fashion would drastically change in the 1960s as Italian Fashion Designers began to create clothes that were still uniquely arty but more street savvy.  The Made in Italy fashion style of the 1960s reached new heights culminating in the Prêt-à-porter look of the 1970s and 1980s.  The popularity of Italian Fashion can be seen in the development of Milan as a fashion hotspot.

To this day, Italian Fashion Designers continue to produce some of the most elegant and innovative clothing in the world.  Inspired by avant-garde art and cultural movements, Italian fashion has produced advanced new twists to popular fashion items like the min-skirt and blue jeans.  Italian Fashion continues to produce gorgeous dresses, stylish suits, and some of the best eveningwear you can find in the world.

If you are striving to have a classic fashionable look, you can’t go wrong with Italian Fashion.  With its array of accomplished fashion designers and a populace that understands the importance and power of personal style, Italian fashion is a force in the fashion world.  A nation that reveres its fashion industry, you can expect Italian Fashion in the future to continue its tradition of elegance, innovation, and sophistication!